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The Monuments to Two Arnold Children

With Thanks to Doug and Colleen Smith

The Parents of these Arnold Children.
Location Knight's Cemetery.

On the former farm of Doug and Coleen Smith, were two stone monuments to two Arnold Children. Since their location was not where it had been, Doug moved them into a building for safe keeping. Unfortunately the farm was destroyed, and nothing remains of the monuments now. There was a small field at the back of the old farm of about 7 acres, and Doug believes that the monuments were located there. We hope to find more about these kids in the future. Doug believes that they were buried in the 1840's approximately. We hope to have more information on this in the future. The parents of the two children were Christopher and Azenath Arnold and they rest today in the Knight Cemetery. This family had direct connections to the Arnold Family who owned the Arnold's Mill a short distance down river.

We do not know for certain how many burials there were in this cemetery or it's exact location.

We have been told that there was a direct connection between Huff's Side Road and the Scane Road in Howard located across the way. There is apparently debate on whether this was the location of a bridge or if that connection was by a ferry crossing the river.

Family Group Sheet for Christopher (Stouffel) Arnold -- E&OE -- 30 Nov. 2012
Husband: Christopher (Stouffel) Arnold
Birth: 18 Dec 1774
Death: 22 Sep 1850 in Kent Co., Ontario, Canada
Marriage: 19 Jan 1798
Margaretha (?Eva?) Noellin
Father: Friedrich Arnold
Wife: Susan Rebley OR Ribley
Birth: 1782
Death: 04 Mar 1836
Name: Catherine Arnold
Birth: 05 Jan 1800
Death: 1813
Name: Frederick Arnold
Birth: 27 Feb 1802
Death: 14 Feb 1851
Marriage: 1825 in Malden
Spouse: Susan Courtney
Name: Mary Arnold
Birth: 01 Sep 1803
Name: Eve Arnold
Birth: 15 Apr 1805
Death: 1863
Marriage: 31 Mar 1842
Spouse: Nathaniel Leonard Williston
Name: Susan Arnold
Birth: 01 Jul 1807
Death: 20 Jan 1880
Burial: Arnold Cemetery
Spouse: Silas W. Williston
Name: Christopher Arnold
Birth: 17 Nov 1809
Death: 12 Oct 1884
Marriage: 27 Dec 1831
Spouse: Asenath Lenover
Name: David Arnold
Birth: 12 Feb 1812
Death: 07 Apr 1857
Spouse: Pauline Reynolds
Name: Nancy Arnold
Birth: 12 Dec 1814
Name: Mary Ann Arnold
Birth: 31 Jan 1816 in L5 C1, Howard Twp., Kent Co., Ontario
Death: 22 Nov 1909 in L5 C1, Howard Twp., Kent Co., Ontario
Marriage: 18 Feb 1835
Spouse: Zoroster (Ross) Myrick
Name: Harriet (or Hannah) Arnold
Birth: 13 Mar 1818
Death: 20 Dec 1893
Marriage: 22 May 1839
Spouse: Benjamin Lenover
Christopher (Stouffel) Arnold
This is the Arnold who had the mill at Kent Bridge. It was in his house that
Tecumseh stayed over night the night before he was killed.
Frederick Arnold
Lula Bae Poile shows 27 Feb. 1801 for birth.