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The Battle of the Thames Cemeteries

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Please note that there are few records on the information below and we are still trying to piece some history together. Please use caution on quoting from this area until further notice.

Note that the diagram below is only a temporary sketch. However, it shows the likely burial areas so far found on the site, and their approximate distance from the LONDON SIDE of the large new Tecumseh Monument with the brass plate on it. All other measurements are taken to the CENTRE of the burial areas.

Location A is the present large monument to the Battle and Chief Tecumseh.
Area B. Burial site of what seems to be approximately 18 persons.
Area C. Burial site of what seems to be approximately 8 persons. Could this be the burial spot for the American Soldiers killed in battle? The numbers do seem to match.
Area D. Burail site of what seems to be approximately 72 persons. (See below.) No blank spots would indicate that is not just a regular area cemetery. We have absolutely NO records of what this might be!
Areas E and F. Each contain what seems to be two burials. The direction of the line shows the direction of the burials.

Please note that all measurements are in feet. We do feel very comfortable that these are human burial areas. However, exact numbers are much harder to document!

Directly across the Longwood's Road from Area D is the site of a small cabin of some sort. It is only a very few feet from the edge of the highway drainage ditch.

Area D

Area D is a totally confusing area. We may never know of it's significance. The deceased there are buried in rows laid out in a very accurate layout. Each grave spot is filled. The grave spots are pretty much equal is size, and the short distance between is very straight and accurate. There are approximately 56 people buried in this area. On the edge facing the city of London there are approximately 16 children's (baby's) graves. The fact that there are no empty spots anywhere in the adult area seems to rule out a simple normal forgotten community cemetery, as those always have empty plots where there were never any burials. However the fact that there are baby's graves here seems to eliminate any connection at all with Military Graves. Also, no group seemed to lose that many fighters. I would stress that this area MIGHT be a Native Cemetery, and thus it MUST be treated with the respect required when visiting any native burial area.

Rough sketch showing cemeteries at the Battle of the Thames Site.