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List of Other Cemeteries Not owned by Chatham Kent

The following list contains the names of many Private Cemeteries in Chatham-Kent. Many Non-Active ones are not included.

If you know of any information on this list that is not valid please contact us. (John at .... @ sign removed to reduce spam.

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Arnold Cemetery – Hwy #2 at Louisville, former Chatham Township
Chris Arnold 519-436-0168
Jay Cunningham 519-352-8948
James Arnold 519-354-6729 TR

Bethel Cemetery – River Road, former Harwich Township. 11052 Riverline
Jennifer Tedford 5193545878
Connie Grant 5193510147.

Bishop Cemetery – former Dover Township
Ray Bishop 519-627-2918

Blackburn Cemetery - Dresden
Earl Elgie 519-683-4659 TR

Buxton Community Church Cemetery,
Formerly called the British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Cemetery – North Buxton, former Raleigh Twp.
Bryan Prince

Botany Cemetery – former Howard Township
Joe McKay 519-674-5852

Broadbent Cemetery – former Raleigh Township
No History. Contact Unknown >>>>

Burke Cemetery – Erieau Road, former Harwich Township
Tom Burk 676-9249

Charing Cross United Church Cemetery – Charing Cross, former Raleigh
Township 8200 Middle Line –west of Church – monuments all in one row
Ray Adkin - 354-3333

Craford Cemetery – Hwy #3, former Raleigh Township
Hugh Pardo 519-676-0341 TR

Crawford Cemetery – former Dover Township
Rex Crawford 519-627-2327

Duart Cemetery – former Orford Township
Dan McDonald 519-678-3869
Earnie Koehler 519-678-3204

Erie Cemetery - Wheatley - Romney Township
Roy Whaley 1-519-825-7888
Larry McDonald 825-4576 TR To try to find records if they can but not hopeful.

Fairfield Cemetery – (All Delaware Nation Moravian Cemeteries.) former Zone Township
Chief Richard Snake 519-692-3335

Gosnel United Church Cemetery – former Orford Township
Roger Clark 519-678-3917

Handsor Cemetery – former Dover Township
Shirley Handsor 519-627-4895
Corine Harris 352-3131 - History Contact Only - Little History - Hope to gather more information.

Hyatt Cemetery – former Dover Township
NO contacts and no history. >>>>>

Immaculate Conception R.C. Cemetery – Pain Court, former Dover Township
Norman LaChapelle 519-351-2206 >>>>>

Little Mickle Cemetery – former Chatham Township
Elliott Arnold 519-627-2668

Maple Leaf Cemetery – Tilbury - ESSEX County
Humphrey Rogers 519 682 2815.

Mayhew-Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Thamesville, former Camden Township
George Smith 519-692-3725 TR

McDowell Cemetery – Tilbury E. Twp. on Gracey Sideroad, left off 98 Hwy.
Gary Stacy - 687-2646

McVicar Cemetery – 5th Conc. of former Chatham Twp. – 9952 Darrell Line, RR2 Chatham, N7M 5J2
Craig Miller 519-351-7008
Peter Moir 519-354-0380
Paul McKerrall 519-352-7803
Neal Craven 519-351-2250
Dennis Mackness 519-352-9467

Memorial Cemetery – North Buxton, former Raleigh Township
Wayne Travis - 354-4584

Merlin Cemetery – Merlin, former Raleigh Township
Robert Guttridge 519-689-4392
David Mifflin 519-689-7722
Edith Benge 519-689-7757

Morpeth Cemetery – former Orford Township
Pete Rose 674-3096
Dale Smith 674-2421

Ouvry Cemetery – Highway #3 west of Southwestern Regional Centre (former Raleigh Township)
Ron Toll 519-689-4537 (home)
Larry McDonald 825-4576 TR To forward through Les

Owen Community Cemetery – Jacobs Sideroad off the 14th of former Dover Township.
Dennis Owen 519-436-6699
Richard Ross. 352-1212 Only tiny bit of info available. - LITTLE History

Palmyra Cemetery – Palmyra, former Orford Township
Pete Eberle 519-674-2663 TR (Hopes to find more.)

Pardoville/Union Cemetery – Highway #3 at Bloomfield Rd., former Raleigh Township
Scott Russell 519-676-8247
519-358-5615 (cell phone)
Chuck Sykes 519-676-2782

Rosedale Cemetery – Merlin, former Tilbury East Township
Charles Atkinson 519-682-3184 TR Will be working on it but may be after Christmas.

St. Charles Ceemetery - Tilbury.
Liz Trudell 519-682-9591

St. Francis’ Cemetery – Tilbury - ESSEX County
Church 519-682-1102
Liz Trudell 519-682-9591

St. George’s Cemetery – Tilbury - ESSEX County
Lila McFadden 519-687-3332 (Historic Information Only)
Gary Stacey 519-687-2646

St. Ignatius Cemetery – former Zone Township
Mike Stenger
Walter Matt 695-2096

St. Michael’s Cemetery – Ridgetown, former Howard Township
Fred Deshaw 519-674-5413 ext.240

St. Patrick’s Cemetery – Merlin, former Raleigh Township
Paul Therrien 519-676-6591
Edward McKeon 689-4592

St. Paul’s (Old) Cemetery – Thamesville
Dale Thomas 519-692-5258

St. Paul’s R.C. (New) Cemetery – former Camden Township
Dale Thomas 519-692-5258

St. Peter’s Cemetery – former Tilbury East Township
Church 519-436-0495 TR (Will reply. Remind if not replied by first of year.) >

St. Phillipe’s R.C.Cemetery – Grande Pointe, former Dover Township
Church 519-354-3694
Leroy Myers 519-352-6773
Raymond Sylvain 519-352-0114

St. Thomas Anglican - River Road, Dover Township
Cara Reaume
1 519 676 7926

Shanks Cemetery - #3 Highway, former Romney Township
Contact seems to be no longer there. NO Contact, NO History. >>>>>

Shaw Cemetery – Kent Bridge, former Camden Township, sits back in a gated lane along riverbank
John Pickard 519-692-5993

Sherman Cemetery – Thamesville
Lewis Sherman 519-692-3961

Stewart Cemetery - #98 Highway, former Tilbury East Township
Donald Fletcher 519-689-4382
Clifford Vince 519-689-4091

Trinity Anglican Cemetery – #3 Highway, at Morpeth, former Howard Township, sits on the hill on highway
Beth Walters
519-354-1806 TR
Cliff Trudgen
519-358-6315 (cell)

Victoria Cemetery – former Tilbury East Township
Former Contact here is no longer there. NO History. >>>>>

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