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The Green Family Cemetery

The Green Cemetery after monuments found again in Fall of 2013

42 30.750 82 08.249 - 42.5125 82.1374833 - Lot 18 Con. 5 Chatham Twp.

Little is know of this cemetery's history though of course it is simply an old family cemetery. Note though that there was a burial there in 1966 which is long after most of these small family burial plots were used.

In 2013, it was found that ALL monuments in the old cemetery were covered with a layer of soil and extensive weeds were growing on top of them. A rather thorough prodding of the area found that a number of monuments still existed. The fence though is in extremely bad shape. There is much destruction of the old cemetery by ground hogs.

See other photographs of the Old Green Cemetery both before and after the monuments were found.