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Some History of Early Pre Park Street in Chatham

We caution that the following history has all been destroyed with time and is now pretty much impossible to sort out. We are trying to find more documentation. If you know of any please let us know.

In "Park Street United Church of Canada -- Centenary Souvenir -- 1842-1942"
page 7:

Quote... "In 1842, it would appear, the Wesleyan Methodist Society in Chatham laid their plans to build their own place of worship; and on April 30, 1844. a site was purchased for a chapel and burying ground. This consisted of part of Lot No. 75. Old Survey. 80 ft. on King St. with a depth of 208.--land upon which now stands the C.P.R. station." (end of quote.)

It is certain that the Chapel was built, and used. But yet to be determined is whether the "burying ground" was used as such.

If any stone monuments were visible at this location in the 1870's, remember that they would have likely been moved to what is now Maple Leaf Cemetery shortly after it opened in 1871. It is known that in many cases, remains in these times were not moved. Only the stone monuments on top of the ground and PROBABLY more recent burials. And since these would be burials from very early times, it is likely that few would have more than wooden crosses to mark them on the original site. Wooden crosses that would have rotted away during the decades that followed or been thrown away when the rail road went through.

Today dowsing shows some many possible burials in front of the former railway station at about 14 King Street West. Please remember that this is dowsing, but when compared to former historical documents the case does look interesting.