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The Lonely Barren Malott Cemetery.

Alphabetical Index Malott Cemetery

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E and O E

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

Baker - Alfred E

Baker - Mary Ann

Book - Martha

Boyd - James

Boyd - Mabel Adelie

Boyd - William T

Burke - Henry

Burke - Henry

Cavanagh - Blanche

Cavanagh - Floyd C

Cowan - Bertie

Cowan - Hampton

Cowan - Willie

Davis - Grace K

Davies - Henry PHOTO MISSING

Davis - Mercy A

Davis - Phillip W

Davies - Sarah

Dawdy - Caleb


Dawdy - Stanley

Gillan - George

Halsted - Annie May

Halsted - E M

Hoffman - Nelson Earl

Holton - Emma Jane PHOTO MISSING

Holton - Emma Pearl

Kelly - Hannah Beatrice

Kelly - Hannah

Kelly - Orphia PHOTO MISSING

Kemp - Marillia


Lavi - Partial Stone NF

Long - Hannah

Maillott - Jonas

Malott - Maria

Malott - Miranda

Malott - Ozias H PHOTO MISSING

Malott - Simon PHOTO MISSING

McDowell - Joseph Burton

Meggison - Ester Ann

Meggison - John J

Meggison - John T

Meggison - Mary Jane Elizabeth

Meggison - Thomas


Moon - Annie A

Poulton - Maria

Purdy - Infant

Richards - Kenneth Leslie

Richards - Margaret

Scott - Jane

Shafer - Annie Mary PHOTO MISSING

Shafer - Ethel PHOTO MISSING

Shafer - George A PHOTO MISSING

Shafer - Melissa

Smith - Mary

Thomas - James PHOTO MISSING

Thomas - Sarah

Unreadable - Malott 1

Vaughn - James

Vaughn - Maria

Vipond - Albert Alexander

Watson - Georgie

Watson - Samuel PHOTO MISSING

Wilson - Agnes (Partial Stone)

Wilson - James (Partial Stone)

Wilson - Samuel R PHOTO MISSING

Wilson - William A PHOTO MISSING

Wood - Hannah D