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Some History of Ogletree Cemetery

With Thanks to E.D. (Tedd) Brien, Ottawa

Ogiltree (Ogletree) Cemetery
42 30.429 81 54.692
Lot 16 Con. 5
13486 McKay's Line

Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute. 2004-11-01

The Ridgetown to Thamesville Stage Coach

A celebrated institution of history was the Thamesville Ridgetown Stage. Following the construction of the Great Western Railway, this stage mail route was established in 1864. The first driver was Mr. Ostrander who kept a store at Selton, midway between Ridgetown and Morpeth. He was succeeded as stage driver by Mr. Robinson and son. In 1872, Duncan Campbell took over. In 1878 Wm. McDonald took over and drove for 12 years. Then Bob Walters drove for 4 years, then handed the contract over to "Gentleman Tom" Sheppy. Next Leon Poulin drove the stage for 15 years. Eventually in 1913, this, one of the last of the old stage routes, discontinued operating with the advent of rural mail delivery. The old time stage drivers had many tales to tell of snowdrifts, deep mud, especially spring freshets, when the Thames River rose above the bridge level, flooding the country for miles; when Thamesville stores were filled with water as high as the counters and people went around in boats.

For many years the stage stopped not merely at Selton Post-Office, but at the nearby Half-Way House to water the horses and permit thirsty travelers to clear their throats. Ultimately, the old tavern was cut in two and the sections moved in the opposite directions to form parts of farm houses.

When the store was closed, Selton Post-Office found varied other purposes, till at last, rural mail delivery and the Great Western Railway at Ridgetown put the stage coach and its activities off the route between Ridgetown and Morpeth.

Morpeth had the 2nd Post-Office in Kent County. 1st Fall Fair in 1854.

Mrs. M. Thompson / Mrs. C. DeCook

The Ogletree School and Church. The beginnings of Selton and Turin Presbyterian Church

Note: The following information comes from the book "The History of Selton" produced for a July 2 1966 Reunion of Selton School students and teachers. We highly suggest that you read this book for more information, as it contains some very interesting information and photos.

The Ogletree Cemetery originally consisted of a log school, a church (which became part of the Turin Presbyterian Church sheds), and a cemetery. The school was later moved to become Selton School which was located on 21 hwy, now Victoria Road. Unfortunately we have not been able to find any information on the origins of Ogletree Cemetery. Could it be that the Cemetery was a family cemetery on their land that was originally placed on the highest land near the road, and thus the Church and school immediately found that site most attractive for the same reasons? We just do not know. If ANYONE knows who might have original documentation on this please let us know! We would love to save information here for other generations to follow. We include the following documentation on the school since that is the only information that we have on this little area.

Memorial of an Indenture made the twenty second day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty two. Between Henry Ogletree of the Township of Howard in the County of Kent and Province of Canada Yeoman of the First Part. Anne Ogletree of the same place wife of the said party of the First Part of the Second Part. And Francis Ogletree of the same place Yeoman George Kennedy of the same place Yeoman and (Lawes?) Ostrander of the same place Yeoman as and in capacity of School Trustees of the Common School for School Section Number Ten in and for the Township of Howard aforesaid of the third part. Whereby the said party of the First Part in consideration of the sum of Forty Dollars of lawful money of Canada (..........) paid by the said parties of the third part (the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged) did give, grant, barga in, sell, alien, assign, transfer, release, enfeoff, convey, and confirm unto the said parties of the third part the survivor or survivors of them and the heirs of such survivor or survivors and to their successors in office as Trustees as aforesaid All and Singular that certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate lying and being in the Township of Howard and aforesaid being composed of the Westerly Corner of Lot number Sixteen in the fifth Concession of the said Township and more particularly (.......) and described as follows that is to say Commencing in front of the Fifth Concession at the (......) between said Lot number Sixteen and Lot number fifteen thence North forty five degrees East two chains and eighty seven links, thence South Forty five degrees East one chain and seventy five links thence South forty five degrees , West two chains and eighty seven links to the South Westerly side line of said Lot number sixteen, thence North forty five degrees West one chain and seventy five links to the place of beginning. Containing by (.......) (asurement?) one half an (...) acre of land be the same more or less. (Tohave?) and to hold the said above granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances there of (........) said parties of the third part the survivor of them and the heirs of such survivor and their successors in office as Trustees as aforesaid forever. And by the said Indenture it is also witnessed that the said Anne Ogletree the said party of the second party Bars her Dower in the said Lands and premises.

Which said Indenture is Witnessed by and this Memorial there of is hereby required to be Registered by me the said grantor herein named.

Witness my hand and seal the twenty second day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty two.

Henry Ogletree.

Signed and sealed in the presence of

William (Reed?) ....... Sissons(?) First name not readable, and second not easily read.

January 6th 1868

We the undersigned trustees of School Section No 10 in the County of Kent Township of Howard by virtue of the authority vested in us by the eighth clause of the twenty seventh section of the Upper Canada Consolidated Common School Act have chosen Nathaniel Mills who holds a Second class certificate of qualification to be a Teacher in said School Section; and we do here by contract with and employ such Teacher at the rate of three hundred dollars per year from and after the day hereof; and we further bind and oblige ourselves and our successors in office faithfully to employ the powers with which we are legally envested by the said Act to collect and pay the said Teacher during the continuance of this agreement the sum for which we hereby become bound. The said sum is to be paid to the said teacher half at the expiration of the agreement and the rest at the end of the year .... to be taken at par. And the said Teacher hereby contracts with the trustees herein named and binds himself to teach and conduct the School in said Section according to the said School Act and the regulations which are in force under its authority. This agreement shall continue in force for Six Months from the date hereof unless the certificate of the Teacher should be in the meantime be revoked or annulled according to law and shall include all lawful holidays and vacations prescribed under the authority of said School Act

Angus McLarty (George Kennedy?) Nathan Mills Teacher