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Old St Paul's Cemetery

With Thanks to Dave and Louis Sherman

It is sad that such a little bit is known of this cemetery. However, the folks who knew about it have now pretty much passed away. The only details we have heard are the following.

Jim Myers has mentioned to us that history on it has been pretty much lost. Indeed he says that it was forgotten that the Church was even responsible for it not long ago for a short period of time.

The Shermans have mentioned that it began approximately the same time as the Sherman cemetery. (Around about 1854) Little else is known except that Stirling Construction (some will remember their orange dump trucks) drew a large amount of fill in there to build the cemetery up in the time approximately around the 1950's era. It was mentioned that there were quite possibly some stones that were covered at that time and this may well explain why there are not more stones there that are showing today.