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The stones in their temporary location
after being saved from the river
by local folks who cared about
those who rest here. Apparently
ordered employees to throw the stones in the river.

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E and O E

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

It is barely believable, but apparently the monuments in this cemetery were desecrated when the Local Council Officials told employees to throw them into the river simply to get rid of them to assist in cutting the grass! Today little is know of how many stones were lost, etc. The following few were found to have survived the desecration! You will notice that some stones have disappeared since the transcription work done by Kent branch of OGS 30 years ago. We do not know if this apparent desecration of the cemetery by local government occurred before that time or after. i.e. if the stones that you see on the list were most if not all of those in the cemetery, or, if there were a lot more that are no longer known at all.

Dusten - Caleb

Dusten - Eva Emilia

The Stones as they look today
In their new location in their new bed of wooden bark pieces.

Dusten - John

Dusten - Mary

Dusten - Mary Ann

Fauser - Hannah Barbara Stone no longer known.

Fauser - J Stone no longer known.

Fauser - M A Stone no longer known.

Hamilton - Jane Stone no longer known.

Hamilton - R Stone no longer known.

Hamilton - W Stone no longer known.

Haslip - Allis Stone no longer known.

Haslip - George Stone no longer known.

Haslip - J Stone no longer known.

Haslip - N M Stone no longer known.

Lindsay - Donald D

Lindsay - Jane

Lindsay - Mabel V NF

Lindsay - Stephan

Loveless - William J Stone no longer known.

McGregor - George

McGregor - Jane

McGregor - Sophia

Nelson - B NF

Nelson - M NF

Nelson - Robbie N NF

Peck - William

???eth J Thorn

? Elizabeth Stone no longer known.

? G Stone no longer known.

? - Jane L