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The Scane Cemetery

Alphabetical Index Scane Cemetery

GPS Location Available Here

E and O E

Location - about km South West of Ridgetown on Scan Road just off the Ridge Line.

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

Chamberlain - Harriet Mabel

Chamberlain - Sarah Jane

Chamberlain - Thomas

Ellis - Hannah

Ellis - James

Ellis - Mary Ann

Hartwick - Hester

Hartwick - Isaac

Mitton - Ann

Mitton - Maria

Mitton - Mary

Mitton - R

Mitton - William

Marsh - Catharine

Scane - Addie

Scane - Adelad A

Scane - Amanda

Scane - Catharine

Scane - Chas E

Scane - Ebenezer

Scane - Edith

Scane - Elizabeth Alice

Scane - Ellen

Scane - George W

Scane - Harriet

Scane - Jane A

Scane - John Military Canadian Militia during McKenzie's Rebellion in 1837-8.

Scane - John

Scane - John L

Scane - Johnny

Scane - John T

Scane - Joseph

Scane - Lilean May

Scane - Mary A A

Scane - Thomas

Scane - William

Scane - Wm Welbery

Scane - Wordie

Skafe - Ann

Skafe - James

Toll - Jane

Toll - John

Young - Jonnie

Young - J?S?

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