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The Former St Joseph's Cemetery

42.40325 82.18648
Lot 24 Con. 1(RTS)
Cross Street
Now no known tombstones at this location. Some MAY have been moved from here to the Old St Anthony's Cemetery.

Area of St Joseph's Cemetery directly behind curved wall of Church.

There was a large cemetery in behind St Joseph's Church which was abandoned and moved (?) around 1872. We have proof that some of it was moved. We have seen written information that not every grave was moved. The truth lies somewhere in the middle but we do not know where. No one will ever know how many shafts are still occupied. Please remember that grave yards in those times were often not kept up like today. There were few lawn mowers and what there were were horse drawn mowers with the long extended bars similar to hay mowers of today. VERY dangerous and not good around weeds and brush.

If you think of a bushy area made of of the worst brush and thickets that is often what old cemeteries were like. We do not know if the Old ST Joseph's cemetery was like that or if it was well kept up.

The Church is cross shaped as are many of the old churches. The Old St Joseph's Cemetery is directly behind the church and centred almost totally there. Parallel to the main "Body" of the Church. The old cemetery is slightly wider than that part of the Church and begins right up against it. It proceeds right across the parking lot today and under the road and under the site walk on the other side, but we find the edge of it just as it comes out the other side of the side walk.

At the back of the Old Cemetery sensing indicates that there was a communal burial area with every plot filled. This area contained about 6 runs of burials so it was HUGE.

E Corner of Cemetery. Note two crossed yellow flags.

North Corner of Cemetery. Note orange flag in front of flower bed.

South Corner of Cemetery. Note yellow flag

West Corner of Cemetery. Note yellow flag