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The Williams Family Cemetery

With Thanks to Anita Griffith

The Williams Family Cemetery

Nearest 911 Location 12252 River Line

The Williams family came to the area in 1799. (Remember that the Moravians only first came to the area in 1792, and Old Fairfield was still a town at that time.)

The farm where the new cemetery was located was owned at the time of founding of the cemetery by E S Williams.

The last two burials in the cemetery were Percy John Clevland Williams in 1940, and Mary Elizabeth Williams in 1953. Those graves are not marked with monuments today.

The Williams Cemetery is very interesting for two reasons. First, it is one of the few remaining examples of the strictly family burial sites. There used to be many of these, especially along the old River Thames in those early days, but most were either moved to be incorporated into larger cemeteries, plowed over, or even allowed burials from other families and in time became the larger cemeteries we know of today. Many are simply lost now probably forever. Also, this cemetery is a great place to see examples of how cemeteries used to look, with a head stone marking the "Head" of the casket and the foot stone marking the "Foot". And the larger monument giving the name of the person there and their family details.

This is a nice peaceful, beautiful cemetery although unfortunately the ground has a moss cover rather than a grass cover.