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Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum

Alphabetical Index of

Marked and Unmarked Burials in


Wallaceburg Riverview Cemetery

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E and O E

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Please note that all persons listed may not be deceased, their names appear on the stones but with no death date. Check information carefully.

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's. Please not that although we use this now and then it should NOT be considered as a complete list of newly found monuments. With so many things to watch for as we build these sites, there comes a point where there is just too many things to do and some duties slide. This is one of those.

Arnold - Edmund Gonne

Arnold - Violet Carter

Ayres - E. Von

Ayres - Grace M. (Mickle)

Baart - Bertha A.

Baart - Joseph

Babcock - Leoma L.

Babcock - Louis W.

Bechard - Cecile A.

Bechard - Edgar

Bechard - Marguerite

Bechard - Marie Rose

Bechard - Pete

Bogaert - Camille "Mick"

Bogaert - Cornelius

Bogaert - Dona Edward

Bogaert - Marie Anna C.

Bogaert - Camille "Mick"

Brewer - Larry

Bruce - Chester

Bruce - Olive

Carroll - Albert Edward

Carroll - Arthur Ernest

Carroll - Jessie

Carroll - Margaret

Carroll - Violet Fanny

Creamer - Janet A.

Creamer - William W.

Dalgleish - Mary Lavina

Dalgleish - William Alexander

Davies - Edward George

Davies - Miriam Johanna

De Feyter - Pieter

De Feyter - Johanna

De Jonghe - Carolina

De Jonghe - Edward

De Jonghe - Harvey

De Kort - Anna

De Kort - John

De Kort - Leonard J.

De Kort - Yvonne R.

De Ridder - Carol (Reserved)

Dewsbury - Fred

Dewsbury - Ina Lee

Doran - Hugh Harry

Dryer - Elsie

Dryer - Wilbert James

Dubuque - Gary Carl Archie

Duphett - William

Fruytier - Alex (Alouisius)

Geltmeyer - Anton

Geltmeyer - Rosalia

Hainer - Clark

Harper - Ethel

Harper - Joseph H.

Harris - George W.

Harris - Mearle G.

Heil - Frank

Irwin - M. (Reserved)

Irwin - Dorine A.

Irwin - Morrison John

Irwin - Reita May

Johnston - Bernice Emma

Johnston - Norman Leigh

Karisk - Margot Lucy no inscriptions

Kay - Andrea (Pauwels)

Kay - Joseph W.

King - Edgar

King - Rose

Knight - Donald G.

Knight - John H.

Knight - Mary E.

Koloyk - Benjamin

Kyle - James

Labadie - Elmire M.

Labadie - Walter V.

Lacey - Margot K.

Langstaff - Eva May

Langstaff - Milton J.

Lauber - Minnie E.

Lauber - Robert A.

Martin - Ann Muriel

Martin - Desmond Carlyle

Martin - Myrtle Laura (Reynolds)

Martin - Wilford Ray

Mc Vean - Alexander

Mc Vean - Ila F.

Mills - Henry Fred

Milner - Mildred F. "Millie"

Milner - William John

Molson - Albert W. "Dick"

Molson - Marion C.

Morasse - Christian

Morasse - Margaret

Morasse - Mary

Patterson - Gordon P.

Patterson - Janet Joy (Rosseel)

Patterson - Josephine Mary

Pauwels - Frank J.

Pauwels - Leonia

Pauwels - Theophilus

Pauwels - Theresa Mary

Ranger - Donat

Reid - Jim

Richards - Gordon D.

Richards - Laura I.

Richards - Wallace Grant

Roels - Achiel

Roels - Joseph

Roels - Josephina

Roels - Marie

Rose - Luella (Deacon)

Rosseel - Rachel M.

Rosseel - Victor R.

Rymal - Dorothy

Shaw - Elmer Roy

Shaw - George E.

Shaw - Margaret Cameron

Shaw - Morley R.

Shaw - Viva M.

Sinclair - George Gordon

Sinclair - Pauline E. (Alexander)

Spero - Myrtle Marie

Spero - William P.

Staes - Florent

Strobbe - Joseph

Taylor - James A. Earliest death date, possibly the first internment in mausoleum.

Taylor - Mary E.

Van Boven - Alois

Van Boven - Maria

Van Campen - Pete

Van Melkebeke - Hippoliet

Van Melkebeke - Mathilde (Huyghe)

Vink - Alphonses

Wytrykysz - Stanley (Wisk)

Wytrykysz - Nellie (Wisk) (Cleaner)

Yates - Douglas L.

Yates - Mabel "Mary"