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Riverview Cemetery

Alphabetical Index of

Burials in

Riverview Columbarium "RCol"

and Cremation In Ground "IG" Burials

Wallaceburg Riverview Cemetery

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The names not underlined have no Monuments associated with them. Information on unmarked graves was found in cemetery and library records. Although plot and grave number is given, location cannot be guaranteed.
Please note that all persons listed may not be deceased, their names appear on the stones but with no death date. Check information carefully.

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's. Please note that although we use this now and then it should NOT be considered as a complete list of newly found monuments. With so many things to watch for as we build these sites, there comes a point where there is just too many things to do and some duties slide. This is one of those.

See a Map of plots in this area to locate plot numbers on a map.

Burgess - Robert Gerald NF

Burgess - Thomas Ralph "Tom" NF

Chauvin, Marie (Reek) - Wife of Roy Julius; Daughter of Edward & Mary (Deighton) Reek - Died 5/1/2017, Aged 82 Yrs. - RCol IG 124 NF

Chauvin, Roy Julius - Husband of Marie (Reek); Son of Rosaire & Rose (Bechard) Chauvin - Died 11/22/2015, Aged 83 Yrs. - RCol IG 124 NF

Coke - Cathrine Lyn (Vitek) NF

Coke - William Edwin "Ed" Veteran, NF

DeHeer - Elizabeth Jean "Betty" NF

Elder - Margaret NF

Fox - Marsha Lee (Jones) NF

Fox - Perry Neil NF

Gagnier - Gerald Oscar NF

Gagnier - Joni Lea (Carey) NF

Girard - Yves Joseph Lucien NF

Johnston - Detje "Dianne (Luth) NF

Keseru - Bela NF

Le Blanc - Matin Joseph, Cpl Veteran, NF

Marcolin - Ben NF

Marcolin - Bruna NF

Maybee - Marjorie (Butler) NF

Maybee - Mark Milton NF

Neefs - Jack J. NF

Neefs - Wilhelmina Antonetta (Morlog) NF

Rose - Doria J. NF

Rose - Vivian L. NF

Slaney - Jack R., Dr. NF

Slaney - Sandra Diane (LeCras) NF

Van Vaerenberghe - Doreen Bertha (Bassens) NF

Van Vaerenberghe - Floren Edward "Buff" NF

Vint - Shirley Louise (Wood) NF

Vint - William Frederick "Bill" NF