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Riverview Cemetery

Alphabetical Index of

Burials in

South2 Area

Wallaceburg Riverview Cemetery

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E and O E

Please Click names to see a photograph of the stone of each individual person.

The names not underlined have no Monuments associated with them. Information on unmarked graves was found in cemetery and library records. Although plot and grave number is given, location cannot be guaranteed.
Please note that all persons listed may not be deceased, their names appear on the stones but with no death date. Check information carefully.

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's. Please note that although we use this now and then it should NOT be considered as a complete list of newly found monuments. With so many things to watch for as we build these sites, there comes a point where there is just too many things to do and some duties slide. This is one of those.

See a Map of plots in this area to locate plot numbers on a map.

Aarssen - Chris M. NF

Aerts - Anthony F. "Tony" NF

Aerts - Jean M. (Oomen) NF

Alves - Joaquim "Jack" NF

Alves - Teresa (Sousa) NF

Andersen - Lissi NF

Andersen - Niels J. NF

Antuma - George NF

Antuma - Jean (Luth) NF

Arends - William John NF

Atkinson - Basil L. "Doc" NF

Aubie - Lillian E. NF

Aubie - Norman J. NF

Aucoin - Joe "Yvon" NF

Aucoin - Stella (LaLumiere) NF

Authier - Clifford NF

Authier - Leo NF

Authier - Marguerite NF

Authier - Ruth NF

Avey - Phyllis J. (Sharrow) NF

Avey - Ronald Sydney NF

Babcock - Dana James NF

Baert - Raymond L. "Ray" NF

Baert - Rosie M. (Hensel) NF

Barnier - Joseph R. NF

Baverstock - Freeman H. NF

Baverstock - L. Mae NF

Bechard - Donald Brian NF

Bechard - Douglas J. "Doug" NF

Bechard - George P. NF

Bechard - Michael James "Mike" NF

Bechard - Mildred J. "Millie" (Thomas) NF

Bechard - Raymond Joseph "Peanut" NF

Bechard - Rose Marie NF

Benoit - Robert L. NF

Benoit - Sandra M. (Fenton) NF

Bentley - Brant H. NF

Bentley - Shirley A. NF

Bertrand - Daniel G. NF

Bicum - Bessie NF

Bicum - Clarence NF

Bilodeau - Gil NF

Bilodeau - Marie NF

Bogaart - Doreen Therese (Burm) NF

Bogaart - John NF

Bogaart - Robert Neil Louis NF

Bosman - John NF

Bosman - Riek (Kraayenbrink) NF

Bourhis - Janine A. (Allo) NF

Bourhis - Roland Andre NF

Braet - Damian E. O. NF

Braet - Judith M. E. (Denys) NF

Braet - Rachel M. NF

Braet - Roger R. NF

Bratt - Marjorie E. (McLellan) NF

Bratt - Ward M. NF

Bray - Elizabeth NF

Brouwer - Homme NF

Brouwer - Jetske NF

Brown - Ann J. (French) NF

Brown - Gilbert Tyson NF

Brown - Mary Frances NF

Brown - Robert Brian NF

Brunt - Irma M. (Roegiest) NF

Brunt - J. Lee NF

Burgess - James A. "Jim" NF

Burgess - John Lawrence "Jack" NF

Burgess - Michelle E. C. (Massey) NF

Burm - Bernard G. NF

Burm - Edmondus NF

Burm - Emily NF

Burm - Louis NF

Burm - Marie A. NF

Burm - Mary N. NF

Bushey - David P. NF

Bushey - Eva L. (Mahood) NF

Bushey - Henry Robert NF

Caron - Bonnie L. NF

Caron - Eileen (Rose) NF

Caron - Florine (Geltmeyer) NF

Caron - Lloyd NF

Caron - Michael NF

Caron - Syl A. NF

Carroll - Cindy May (Sharrow) NF

Carroll - Deborah L. NF

Carroll - Russell "Lefty" NF

Carroll - Ruth (Robinson) NF

Carroll - Stephen Russell NF

Carron - Herman H. NF

Carron - Violet P. (Murphy) NF

Cartier - Tammy (Nantais) NF

Cartier - Tim Glen NF

Catton - Beverly A. NF

Catton - Douglas J. NF

Charbonneau - Romeo V. NF

Charbonneau - Shirley A. (Johnston) NF

Charron - Gerald C. NF

Charron - Joan A. NF

Childs - Berneida (Turner) NF

Childs - Donald Francis NF

Childs - Michael Gordon NF

Chinnick - Marion G. (Winter) NF

Chinnick - William L. NF

Clare - Audrey Elsie NF

Clare - George Edward NF

Classens - Christina H. NF

Classens - Mathieu P. NF

Cleary - Maureen (Murphy) NF

Cole - Donald Lee NF

Cole - Grace Julianna (Cadotte) NF

Cole - Mari E. NF

Cole - Norman L. NF

Cooper - Gary R. NF

Cooper - Joyce E. (White) NF

Cooper - Monica M. NF

Cooper - Robert C. NF

Cooper - Valerie H. (Smith) NF

Cooper - Wilson G. "Mike" NF

Copeland - Carol Ann NF

Copeland - Douglas Haig NF

Copeland - Margaret R. (Noyle) NF

Cornelis - George A. NF

Cornelis - Georgette M. (Bossu) NF

Coudyser - Zulma NF

Courtis - Edward M. NF

Coutinho - Adilia R. (Frenandes) NF

Coutinho - Manuel Guedes NF

Cox - Patricia Ellen NF

Crowe - C. Russell NF

Crowe - Charles W. NF

Crowe - Jean B. (Shaw) NF

Crowe - Mary R., R.N. NF

Dawson - Thomas William NF

Deacon - Sherry Alane (Caron) NF

De Araujo - Annie E. NF

De Araujo - Manuel P. NF

De Burger - Alice C. NF

De Burger - Florent NF

Dehens - David Walter NF

Dehens - Lisa M. (Simon) NF

Dehens - Mary M. (Lovell) NF

Dehens - Walter NF

De Jans - Rachel NF

De Jans - Servaas NF

Dekoning - Janice D. NF

Dekoning - Robert W. NF

DeLanghe - Henry J. "Hank" NF

DeLanghe - Marsh A. (Thompson) NF

De Lima - Laura NF

De Lima - Manuel NF

Dell'Oro - Ada (Bertola) NF

Dell'Oro - Enus NF

Delorme - Marlene M. NF

Delorme - Marliyn T. NF

Delorme - Marilyn T. (Thomas) NF

Delorme - Muriel E. (Thomas) NF

Delorme - Paul John NF

Delorme - Richard C. "Dickie" NF

Delorme - Robert J. NF

DeNaeyer - Jozef Andre NF

DeNaeyer - Patricia Gail (Garnet) NF

Denys - Alec A NF

Denys - Theresa J. NF

De Ridder - Alex C. NF

De Ridder - Gilbert NF

De Ridder - Mary NF

De Ridder - Paul J. NF

DeRoeven - Sarah NF

DeRoeven - Terry NF

Deschenes - Antonio NF

Deschenes - David Daniel NF

Deschenes - Guy J. NF

Deschenes - Janet A. NF

Deschenes - Leona NF

De Wolf - Charles NF

Dickinson - Keith NF

Dierx - Murray I. NF

Dierx - Rose M. NF

Dionne - Lawrence NF

Dionne - Shirley NF

Draper - Robert E. NF

Druer - Lesley J. NF

Druer - Norman P. "Bucky" NF

Druer - Robert Gene NF

Dubuque - Luanne Marie (Trembley) NF

Dunlop - Carol A. (Schepanowski) NF

Dunlop - James C. NF

Dupon - Marjorie (Aarssen) NF

Dupon - Robert Raphael NF

Durfy - Dauntless M. NF

Durfy - Michael B. "Mike" NF

Durfy - Ronald A. NF

Durfy - Susan D. (Gauthier) NF

Dykema - Frances (Deelstra) NF

Dykema - Hank Henderik NF

Elliott - Gordon NF

Elliott - Molly NF

Elnicki - Edward S. NF

Elnicki - M. Eileen NF

Everaert - Annie (Bogaart) NF

Everaert - Jerome NF

Fields - Ella Jane (Porter) NF

Fields - Kevin Alexander NF

Fields - William Clifford "Bill" NF

Foster - Pearl M. (Armstrong) NF

Foster - Samuel J. NF

Fournier - Bernice E. (Huber) NF

Fournier - John R. NF

Frost - Angela K. (Fawell) NF

Frost - J. Douglas NF

Furo - John NF

Furo - Margaret NF

Glover - Cheryl A. (DeWeyn) NF

Glover - Terry James NF

Goetz - Johanna M. NF

Goetz - Michael J. NF

Gordon - Dorinda D. NF

Gordon - William A. NF

Gormley - Joseph Paul NF

Gormley - Lisa Nicole NF

Gormley - Maria (Huybers) NF

Graham - Pearl Irene (Sinclair) NF

Graves - Ursula D. NF

Graves - Valentine R. NF

Griffioen - Jan NF

Griffioen - Jannetje NF

Guevara - Loreto S. NF

Hall - Kenneth D. NF

Hall - Norma M. (Howard) NF

Hammerlein - Kurt Freidrich NF

Hancock - Eric NF

Hancock - Priscilla (Mohr) NF

Harris - Ada V. (Fox) NF

Harris - Orville H. NF

Harris - Patrick J. NF

Hazzard - Dana A. NF

Hazzard - Jack D. NF

Hazzard - Jean A. (McKeegan) NF

Hazzard - Robert H. NF

Hazzard - Russell Lynn NF

Hazzard - Yvette G. (Rivest) NF

Hellewell - Evelyn L. (Walsh) NF

Hellewell - George H. NF

Hetzel - Georg NF

Hetzel - Madeleine NF

Hewett - Gladys Irene NF

Hill - Angela R. (Miller) NF

Hill - Debra A. (Osmond) NF

Hill - Larry D. NF

Hill - Stanley R. NF

Hill - Terry D. NF

Hoorelbeck - Donald J. NF

Hoorelbeck - June B. (Smith) NF

Hopman - Clara (Karreman) NF

Hopman - Tymen NF

Hudson - David Thomas NF

Hudson - Deanna M. (Caron) NF

Hudson - William G. "Bill" NF

Hussar - Louis NF

Hussar - Phyllis NF

Hustwick - Arthur Ronald NF

Hustwick - June Elaine (McDougall) NF

Jacques - Charlie NF

Jacques - Janet L. (Labombarbe) NF

Jacques - M. Donald NF

Jacques - Marcel NF

Jacques - Marie NF

Jacques - Rose E. (Verberckmoes) NF

Jacques - Salavair M. "Vet" NF

Jordan - Kennneth NF

Jubenville - Marilyn J. (St. Pierre) NF

Jubenville - Ronald L. "Ron" NF

Kerr - Alfred Marvin NF

Kerr - Dorothy M. (Phaneuf) NF

Kerr - John A. "Jack" NF

Kerr - Julienne M. (Van Damme) NF

Kerwin - Charles NF

Kerwin - Phyllis NF

King - Mary (Wilson) NF

King - Wayne W. NF

King - Wilfred "Chip" NF

Kleuskens - Anna J. (Verheyen) NF

Kleuskens - Martin Peter NF

Knight - Donald J. NF

Knight - E. Irene NF

Ko - Ching En NF

Ko - Chung Hua NF

Kraayenbrink - Ina NF

Kusalik - Charles NF

Kusalik - Elizabeth NF

Kusalik - Lillian NF

Labadie - Hilda NF

Labadie - Walter Phillip Jr. NF

La Pointe - Joyce Cherry (Wise) NF

La Pointe - Russel Norman NF

Lauzon - Alice J. (De Burger) NF

Lauzon - Amedee M. "Mick" NF

Lauzon - Andre Paul NF

Lauzon - Bonnie L. (Fox) NF

Le Blond - A. Giffard NF

Le Blond - J. Dorothy (O'Neill) NF

Lemak - Margaret (Varga) NF

Lemak - Steve NF

MacLeod - J. Allister "Al" NF

MacLeod - M. Jeanne (Richardson) NF

Maloney - Dennis P. NF

Maloney - Edna E. (Bulley) NF

Malott - Kathleen M. NF

Malott - Maurice V. NF

Marchand - Beverly Jean (Thompson) NF

Marcolin - Michele NF

Marcolin - Maria NF

Marden - Eva NF

Marden - Ray C. "Dusty" NF

Markham - Carol J. NF

Markham - Edwin C. NF

Martin - Barrie E. NF

Martin - Eugene W. H. NF

Martin - George E. NF

Massey - Evelyn (Lacarte) NF

Massey - Henry NF

Matthews - Colin James NF

Matthews - David Vincent, Dr. NF

Matthews - Maryellen Margaret (Prentice) NF

McCrae - Hugh C. NF

McCrae - Marian P. NF

McCreary - Donald M. Veteran, NF

McCreary - Jean V. (Mowers) NF

McDougall - Helen M. (Butler) NF

McDougall - Hope NF

McDougall - Larry NF

McFadden - Annette M. (Authier) NF

McFadden - Bruce NF

McFadden - Joanne (Caron) NF

McFadden - Stanley C. (Buck) NF

McGillivray - Dorothy (Livemore) NF

McGuire - Irene M., R. N. A. NF

McGuire - J. Allen NF

McIntosh - Roy "Slugger" NF

McKaig - Lyda M. NF

McKim - Joanne (Momney) NF

McKim - Lorne NF

McNeil - Grace E. NF

McNeil - James S. NF

Milord - Marjorie J. (Broidioi) NF

Milord - Mark Alan NF

Milord - Wendell Gerard NF

Mitchell - Joanne E. (Oliphant) NF

Mitchell - Raymond A. NF

Moffat - Donald Bruce NF

Moffat - Lorraine C. (Colwell) NF

Mohr - Jacqueline NF

Mohr - Nicolaus NF

Momney - Gerald Jr. NF

Momney - Gerald Sr. NF

Momney - Helen NF

Momney - Kathy E. NF

Moorey - Lisa NF

Morley - Bernard NF

Morley - Betty NF

Muller - Hubert "Bert" NF

Muller - Ruth Janice NF

Muller - Stevie-Ray NF

Murphy - Marion M. NF

Murphy - Thomas F. NF

Muxlow - Aileen Marie NF

Nap - Carla NF

Nap - Clarence NF

Nead - Larry Dawn NF

Nead - Wendy Gail (Bogaert) NF

Nemeth - Jennifer Lynn (Aarssen) NF

Nemeth - Michael Francis NF

Newberry - C. Alice (Ferris) NF

Newberry - Herman G. NF

Nicholls - Eric F. NF

Nicholls - F. Hope (Jeffrey) NF

Noseworthy - Maude NF

Noseworthy - Ralph J. NF

Nystad - Lukas NF

Nystad - Sharon A. (Daniels) NF

Oliver - Edward "Ted" NF

Oliver - Mary Louise "Molly" NF

O'Neil - Helen I. NF

O'Neil - Kenneth J. NF

O'Neil - Sam NF

Ozi - Rose NF

Palimaka - Stephen R. NF

Palocz - Austin Nash Raymond NF

Palocz - Larry Stephen NF

Parent - Donald B. NF

Parent - Linda D. (Wickwire) NF

Parker - Robert E. Veteran, NF

Parker - Ruby V. NF

Pearce - Alan Kevin NF

Peeters - Angelina J. NF

Peeters - Johannes Gerardus "John" NF

Peeters - Mathys W. NF

Pigeau - Alfred J. "Jim" NF

Pigeau - Judith A. "Judy" NF

Poirier - Edmond NF

Poirier - Mariette NF

Poirier - Pauline NF

Pollak - Kevin Anthony NF

Poolman - Jan NF

Poolman - John Alexander NF

Poolman - Tryntje NF

Provost - Joyce J. (Scane) NF

Provost - Lennard P. NF

Rabideau - Floyd D. Sr. NF

Rabideau - Floyd P. Jr. NF

Rabideau - Janice L. NF

Rabideau - Tina NF

Radlmesser - James Richard NF

Regan - Chad R. NF

Regan - Doug D. NF

Regan - Melody A (McNeil) NF

Regan - Norman J. NF

Regan - Theresa M. (Johnston) NF

Renaud - Barbara J. NF

Richie - Kevin Allan NF

Rivest - Rick NF

Roberts - Judith A. (VanVaerenberghe) NF

Roberts - Lee A. NF

Roberts - Marlene (Doom) NF

Roberts - R. William "Bill" NF

Roberts - Richard "Dick" NF

Robinson - Dolly NF

Roelans - Eliza M. (VanRuymbeke) NF

Roelans - Robert NF

Rose - Carman NF

Rose - Robin NF

Rose - Shirley NF

Ross - Dorothy I. NF

Ross - George D. NF

Ross - John A. NF

Rossignol - Albert A. NF

Rossignol - Cyr J. NF

Rossignol - Edwina NF

Rossignol - Sherry L. NF

Salisbury - Kay NF

Salisbury - Thomas Douglas "Tom" NF

Schaffer - James A. NF

Schaffer - Jean L. (Jacques) NF

Scharmin - Gilbert M. NF

Scharmin - Maria M. NF

Scharmin - Ron NF

Scholtens - David Douglas NF

Scholtens - Rose M. NF

Scholtens - Sidney T. NF

Scholtens - Ties W. NF

Seawright - Robin Mary NF

Sergovich - Paul NF

Sergovich - Ruth Ann NF

Seys - John NF

Seys - Linda (Rutter) NF

Sharrow - Joan Nancy (Huehn) NF

Sharrow - William John NF

Shaw - Donald V. NF

Shaw - P. Margaret R. NF

Sheeler - James H. NF

Sheeler - Shirley L. NF

Sheff - Andrew James NF

Sheff - Cheryl NF

Sheff - Margaret NF

Sheff - Mary Alma (Bradd) NF

Sheff - Norman NF

Sheff - Norman Jr. NF

Silvestre - Antonio Francisco NF

Silvestre - Gloria (Simoes) NF

Simas (Simoes) - Albino NF

Simmons - James Gordon NF

Simmons - Mathilda "Tilly" NF

Slegers - Rosemary (Van Damme) NF

Smart - Louise M. NF

Smart - William M. NF

Smith - Marilyn B. (Benoit) NF

Smith - Reta NF

Smith - Roger Earl NF

Smith - Walt NF

Stanley - Judy Ann (Reaume) NF

Stanley - Robert V. NF

Stanley - Robin Lee NF

Stearns - Hazel C. NF

Stearns - James H. NF

Stephenson - Gerald NF

Stephenson - Lorraine NF

Sterling - Don A. NF

Sterling - Gary William Jr. "Gus" NF

Sterling - Joy N. NF

Sterling - Lionel F. NF

Sterling - Maureen J. NF

Stirling - David G. NF

Stirling - Ellen J. NF

Suisham - Aafke (Heikamp) NF

Suisham - Nicholas J. NF

Talach - Broni F. NF

Talach - Michael NF

Talach - Susan M. (Noyle) NF

Talach - Valerie NF

Talbot - Gerald J. NF

Talbot - Taiya Lynn NF

Talbot - Tyler Ryan NF

Tanguay - Ovila J. "Ogie" NF

Tanguay - Veronica M. (Zimmer) NF

Tapp - R. Earle NF

Tapp - Verna G. NF

TerHorst - Dien NF

TerHorst - John NF

Thomas - George E. NF

Thomas - Jeannette (Caron) NF

Thompson - Frankie-Leigh M. NF

Tinning - Patricia Lynn (Thomson) NF

Toulouse - Don NF

Toulouse - Lavina (Stallaert) NF

Trembley - Darlene (Foster) NF

Trembley - Larry L. NF

Trepanier - Dian NF

Trepanier - Harold Joseph NF

Trepanier - Harriet N. (Oliphant) NF

Trepanier - Jeffrey M. NF

Trepanier - Lily G. (Demers) NF

Trepanier - Margaret G. (Crombeen) NF

Trepanier - Nicholas J. NF

Trepanier - Norman O. NF

Trepanier - Reg NF

Trepanier - Tammy Emma NF

Trepanier - Victor Francis "Mick" NF

Trinacty - Frank NF

Trinacty - Martha NF

Truan - Donald J. NF

Truan - Mary H. (Jenkins) NF

Trupish - Judith A. NF

Turner - Gerald W. NF

Turner - Patricia M. (Bechard) NF

Udzbinac - Damir NF

Udzbinac - Marija NF

Udzbinac - Rudolf NF

Uzonyi - Alex NF

Uzonyi - Matilda NF

Van Asseldonk - Francis J. (Van Arkel) NF

Van Asseldonk - Martin H. NF

VanCoillie - Charles Frank NF

VanCoillie - Danyelle J. NF

VanCoillie - Edmond Walter NF

VanCoillie - Helen J. (Barr) NF

VanCoillie - Jacqueline NF

VanCoillie - Jacqueline (Coopman) NF

VanCoillie - Julien E. NF

VanCoillie - Marc M. NF

VanCoillie - Mary C. (Bogaart) NF

VanCoillie - Maurice K. NF

VanCoillie - Shari E. (Van Dorsselaer) NF

Van Damme - Emily Jane NF

Van Damme - Kevin David NF

Van Damme - Maria Helena (Alves) NF

Van Damme - Michael Rudy NF

Van Damme - Theresa Margaret (Laevens) NF

Vandebeld - Albertina NF

Vandebeld - Evert NF

Vanderlaan - John F. NF

Vanderlaan - Margaret (Kaldeway) NF

Vanderwerf - Dirk NF

Vanderwerf - Engelina "Ann" NF

Van De Weghe - Irma M. NF

Van De Wiele - Isadoor NF

Van De Wiele - Mary NF

VanKerkhoven - Judy (Rose) NF

VanKerkhoven - Wally NF

Verhaeghe - Darlene M. (Vink) NF

Verhaeghe - Gabriel D. NF

Verhaeghe - Oda L. NF

Verhaeghe - Ronald D. NF

Van Hooren - Achille NF

Van Hooren - Maria NF

Van Horne - Adrian "Mike" NF

Van Horne - Shirley June NF

Van Leatham - Benoit B. NF

Van Leatham - Daisy P. (Hyatt) NF

Vermette - Barbara NF

Vermette - Murray NF

Vyvey - Jerry NF

Vyvey - Tilly NF

Watson - John Charles NF

Watson - Sandra Joy (Stokes) NF

Wellman - Alma J. NF

Wellman - Benjamin C. NF

Welsh - Alan NF

Welsh - Frank Veteran, NF

Welsh - Jackie NF

Welsh - Janet NF

Wessels - Case J. NF

Wessels - Gertrude M. (Raats) NF

Wilson - Mary (Kani) NF

Winstone - Dorothy "Ma" NF

Winstone - Ivor "Shorty" NF

Wise - Doreen M. (Blair) NF

Wise - James Clifford NF

Workman - Andrew T. NF

Yacks - Myrtle Lorene NF

Yang - Ju Feng "Jeff" NF

Yang - Shu Ching "Sue" NF

Yott - Edward L. "Larry" NF

Yott Iva C. (Sharrow) NF

Yott - Stanley A. "Tony" NF

Yott - Stanley L. Veteran, NF

Zandbergen - Agnes M. NF

Zandbergen - John W. NF

Zelina - Catherine Ann NF

Zelina - Ladislav "Laddie" NF

Zelina - Rosanna L. (Trepanier) NF

Zoldy - Goldwyn "Sandy" NF

Zwolinski - Albert NF

Zwolinska - Valentyna NF