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Index of Wards of Maple Leaf Cemetery with Stones so Far Preserved

Photograph of the top of the James Wylie Brown Monument Word F
Photo by T Nigh

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We caution that this is a very long term project. Restoration and/or photography is not completed in many areas. We also caution that in many cases, stones are beyond repair or we just plainly do not have the time to find them. But we want to assure you that we do, in every case, do our level best to find a lost stone and to preserve it.

Please Click to see a map of areas that we have now documented with photographs and text in Maple Leaf and St Anthony's Cemeteries]

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Click the Ward in the right side bar that you wish to search for a stone.

Remember to check Old Maple Leaf Cemetery listings as well if you are trying to find stones of relatives and do not know where they are. We also caution that this is to become in the future a listing of graves with stones. It will seldom list those who never had a stone, whose stone has been stolen, lost or sunken too deep to find or recover.

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Wards of Old Maple Leaf.

Wards where we have stones listed so far

The Old Mausoleum

Ward A - Partial

Ward B

Ward F - Partial

Ward G Front

Ward G Rear

Memorial Field

Wards where we hope to list stones in the future.

Ward C

Ward D

Ward E

Ward H

Index Page of Old St Anthony's

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