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The Lost Hammel Cemetery

Photo showing monument formerly viewable in Hammel Cemetery in 1983

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the only remaining Hammel Monument

Recorded as Lot 3 Concession 5. Howard Twp.

In Memory of Hannah
wife of Robert HAMMEL
who died July 1, 1848
aged 19 yrs. 1 m&29 d's.

Date: 30 October 1983
Transcribers: Robert Humphries
Ruth Humphries
Eileen Richards
Lloyd Richards

Comment: The above inscription is on a fairly large white marble slab. The slab is leaning against an elm
tree along the property line. The base for the stone is there also, as well as three broken pieces
of other stones. This information submitted on behalf of the Kent
County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society

This monument was found once again in 2013 by John Skakel when investigating lost cemeteries. Investigations indicate that there seem to be a relatively large number of burials in this area. About 35 or so maybe? Also slightly down the line fence to the North West is another burial area. The monument was beginning to be under great stress when I found it. However, I was able to pull it free of the tangling and choking vines to freedom and at least temporary relative safety. This cemetery seems to have been located right under the line fence. This was probably to allow two property owners to donate land for it.

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