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The Henson Cemetery

Alphabetical Index Henson Cemetery

Up to date 2010

Also See The British American Institute Cemetery

GPS Location Available Here

See photos of this cemetery being scanned by Ground Penetrating Radar to identify previous burials for historical purposes.

The Cemetery is located next door to the Historic Site ..... The Cemetery is open to the public to see at no charge as is the British American Institute Cemetery across the road.

E and O E

Location -

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

Bradley - Eudora Belle

Bradley - R R

Chase - Horace I NF

Chase - Paula M NF

Ford - John

Henson - Elisabeth A NF

Henson - Estella M NF

Henson - Jehu Wm Josiah Military NF

Henson - Josiah

Henson - Marion E NF

Henson - Mary Ann

Henson - Peter

Henson - Peter Harper

Henson - Peter J H

Henson - Thelma L NF

Henson - Thomas G NF

Henson - Thomas J NF

Henson - William Beecher Military

Kersey - Cecelia Jane

Lambkin - Harold M (Bill) NF

Lambkin - Harold W

Lambkin - Marion E NF

Lambkin - Paula M NF

Lambkin - Roger W NF

Wheeler - William

Williams - Thelma L NF