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Allen, Raymond E and Phyllis M - Red Granite Ground Level

BURK, VERA - Black Granite Ground Level

BURK, ALSO THREE INFANT CHILDREN - White marble Arch on top. Stone standing.

Burk Douglas - Military stone. Fallen to ground. Partly covered.

BURK, DURWARD LLOYD Infant son of Elijah & Nettie M. White Marble turned black. Arrow shaped top.

BURK, JAMES 1875 - 1955 His wife ANNIE M. 1873 - 1959 BURK, ESTELLA LEE 1889 - 1959 Probably spire stone. Standing. These names on one side. Looks like maybe gray marble.

BURK, JAMES 1806 - 1892 His wife DOROTHY (Hartford) 1811 - 1883 Looks like same stone as the one above.

BURK, JOHN CYRUS - Red granite modern design stone.

BURK, JOHN His wife ALMIRA (Claus) Old huge gray square style stone. STanding. MANY tonnes.

BURK, JULIA ANN Wife of John - Standing white marble. Not blackened.

BURK, MABEL - Gray Vermont Marble looks like short "Stumpy looking" square spire stone. Probably pointed top. Standing

BURK, MARY - Standing white marble. Gray looking now. Nice shape.

BURK, MINNIE MYRTLE - Standing whtie marble. Good shape. Possibly arrow head shaped top.

BURK, PERLINA BURK, JESSEY Died Dec. 20, 1861 Double White Marble side by side. Standing.

BURK Edna A and Phillip W Burk. Modern black granite.

BURK, ROSE EILEEN 1930 - 1994 BURK, GEORGE SOLOMON - Gray Granite on ground.

BURK, RYAN ALEXANDER - Modern Gray Granite.

BURK, SAMUEL 1852 - 1937 BURK, SARAH (wife of Samuel) Huge old square old style stone. Gray

BURK, SIMEON E. Gray Marble? Vermont Marble? spire stone? Standing but can't really tell what it is.

BURK, SOLOMON His wife SARAH JANE - Looks like a HUGE standing white marble stone on stone base.

BURK, SOLOMON 1857 - 1931 HARRIET E (Dennis) 1859 - 1937 VALMA EVELYN (dau) 1895 - 1969 - Modern Red Granite

BURK, THOS White Marble in two pieces. Can't tell if it is standing.

BURK, THRESIE - Standing White Marble

BURK, T. HOWARD - Black Granite Modern

MYRTLE (Stafford) - Modern Red Granite

BURKE, SHIRLEY P. (Lundie) Red Marble Ground Level

BURNS, BURTON LEWIS 1869 - 1952 His Wife DOROTHY A. (Hartford) 1871 - 1955 BERTHA MAE 1894 - 1910 ENOS HAROLD (baby) 1900 - Red Marble Modern

COWLEY, MARK D. Oct. 6, 1959 - July 14, 1991 COWLEY, PAMELLA S. - Red Marble Ground Level

FALCONER, MARIANNIA Wife of Wm. - White Marble standing

GILL, REGINALD GRANT 1924 - 1989GILL, L. FERN (Hartford) Red Marble Modern

GILL, TERRY S. - Modern Black Granite

HARTFORD, HEMAN H.H. Son of Samuel & Dorothy Standing white Marble. Good Shape

HARTFORD, NATHAN H. - Standing White Marble - Good Shape

HARTFORD, ORLANDO 1863 - 1931 HARTFORD, ADRIAN LEO (son) 1903 - 1983 HARTFORD, ALTA FERN Aged 9 months - Small red granite lecturn style.

HARTFORD, SAMUEL J. - Whtie Mrable - Probably standing - Two Pieces.

HARTFORD, SAMUEL J. Born Sept. 7, 1828 Died Aug. 7, 1881 HARTFORD, DOROTHY (his wife) - Huge old square gray stone.

HARTFORD, SOLOMON Born Oct. 7, 1865 - Died May 1, 1889 HARTFORD, LAURA - Small square spire stone Gray Vermont Marble or Similar

HARTFORD, URIAH Died Jan. 5, 1911 Aged 52 Years 11 Mos 2 Days SAMUEL, his son - Old Gray stone maybe Vermont Marble - kind of like modern stones in design - pointed top

HELMER, JAMES E. - Modern type stone round circle like things on top. looks like dark gray or light black marble

HUFF, HIRAM - Looks like square vermont marble spire stone.

HUFF, JANE (Burk) Wife of Hiram - Probably another side of next stone above.

JOHNSTON, LORNE A. 1903 - 1982 JOHNSTON, PHYLLIS E. - red granite modern

JOHNSTON, OWEN B. - ground level red granite

MARTIN, JOHN M. 1916 - 1974 MARTIN, HELENA G. - modern gray granite

McDONALD, SHERRY ANN Daughter of John & Mable - modern gray granite

PARDO, BERNICE M. 1892 - 1936 PARDO, JEAN M. - Modern Red Granite

RAMSDEN, EDWIN A. Nov. 23, 1849 - Jan. 13, 1929 MARY A. (wife of Edward) - Large gray marble maybe of somewhat modern design

RAMSDEN, RONALD ALBERT JR. - Gound level black granite in cement base

RICHARDSON, J. RONALD 1941 - RICHARDSON, ETHEL E. (Lee) - Ground level black granite in cement base

SPEED, G. ROBERT 1866 - 1920 His wife JULIA ANN (Burk) - Modern Red Granite

WALKER, LEWIS H. 1885 - 1943 His Wife WALKER, DOROTHY A. - Modern Red Granite

YOUNG, DUSTIEN VISCILLA JAN March 22, 1988 - December 9, 1991 - Ground Level Red Granite