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Maps and Documentation of Known Cemeteries In Chatham-Kent

Caution - The Maps of Chatham-Kent Cemeteries may not load using Dial Up

Documentation of Location of Known Cemeteries

Map of locations.

Chart showing information on cemetery locations visible on the map above.

To find the location of any cemetery we recommend that you go to the charts page to find the cemetery and the former township that it is in and any additional names for it, etc. Then go to the map to find it and in turn find directions from the map on how to visit it if you wish to do that. Please note that most all of the cemeteries marked in blue on the map linked above are almost impossible to find without help as they have been destroyed, and some of the others are also now very difficult to locate as in some cases most markers have been destroyed, and some of the cemeteries are back from the road, and/or located in bushes, etc.

Documentation of Ownership of Known Cemeteries plus other off site information

For further information the following link leads to a hot linked page with all known cemeteries of Chatham Kent with all of their names included in alphabetical order. ... Please note that this page is NOT a part of CKCemeteries Web Site.

The following lists are not as complete as the one above but show who owns and/or maintains many of the cemeteries listed above.

Cemeteries Owned by Municipality of Chatham-Kent as of 2012

Private or Family Cemeteries that we have been notified of where contact information is still available