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The Angels, And Heroes of Chatham Kent

Of Chatham-Kent

The Goodyear Angel in a tipped position
Photo by Bruce Warwick

The Angels of Chatham Kent

The Angel's future is guaranteed
once again!
Photo by John Skakel

Today cemetery angels are becoming very rare. We indeed know of very few in Chatham Kent. There is one though that so many know of. It was almost tipping over and unsafe and was thus slated for to be demolished a year ago, and with the Help of Smyth's memorials we were able to get it straightened and brought back to life to stand for many more years. We notice that it seems that everyone who comes to that cemetery knows of that one beautiful little Angel.

We do though have many little small Angels in the cemetery. From a that beautiful Goodyear angel right down to a tiny forgotten one broken into three pieces that we hope to preserve shortly back in one piece.

We hope that you will take the time to have a look in our Gallery to see our little collection of photographs of our beautiful little Angels. Protecting so many of our children as they lie in peace.

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