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Bits and Pieces

Tiny bits of information we have managed to find along the way.

  1. Stand in front of the red brick building and walk across the bridge. Turn left and look at the trees along the bank of the creek. We have been told that there were huge vines of Poison Ivy and other similar "creatures" growing up into the trees there. Apparently those are saw marks of saws used to cut those vines off. You can see remainders of some of them if you look into the trees above.
  2. In fall of 2010, we repaired the large stone crypt of the Payne family in Ward A. Next to the road that runs nearest to Indian Creek and parallel to it. When the crypt was taken apart a gun shell dating to approximately 1940 was found in there. Does this mean it was repaired around 1940 and the top was taken off then? We have no idea. We often find glass buried in the ground on top of memorial stones. We do not know if this is on purpose or just junk accumulated over the years. We have found evidence of folks burying broken glass because there was a belief that it would help the deceased to find his/her way to Heaven.

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