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Map of areas of Maple Leaf and St Anthony's Cemetery now fully documented

On This Web Site

Dark Blue areas are now fully photographed and documented. Some stones were missing from previous transcriptions and a few new stones were found.
Areas now fully documented include Wards B, and G, The Old Mausoleum (Some photos may change), The Back of St Anthony's Cemetery, and Ward 0 of Old St Anthony's.

Fire Engine Red areas are partially documented. We will be doing further documentation soon. In these areas some plots will be fully documented, some photographed only, and some will have no documentation available yet.
Areas partially completed include Old St Anthony's Circle, Ward X and Y of Old St Anthony's, and Ward A of Maple Leaf. There area some photos of other areas.

Mauve areas MILITARY MEMORIAL FIELD monuments only are documented. Other Memorials are not.

Dark Green areas contain the Ursuline plots. Those Ursuline areas are now fully documented and completed. However, other stones in those plots are not documented on this site.

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