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Chatham Council Minutes regarding M/L and St A's

Please realize that the text in these areas is as close as we can get to the original. We have NOT corrected spelling mistakes, or updated language, etc.


The following is actually a two page introduction to a book regarding the burials in the cemeteries of Chatham-Kent. It may or may not be part of actual Chatham Council Minutes but we thought it best suited in this area of our web site.

Title: Maple Leaf Cemetery Memoranda

By a By-Law of the Town of Chatham passed on the 30th day of July 1869 it was enacted by virtue and under authority of the Act 29-30 Victoria Chapter 51:-

That (that?) certain parcel or tract of land situate lying and being in the Township of Harwich in the County of Kent and Province of Ontario containing by and measurement thirty acres of land and being composed of the rear part of Lot number three (3) in the Second Concession of the said township of Harwich be purchased and appropriated for the purposes of a Public Cemetery.

And on the 13th day of January 1871 the said property together with a roadway to and from the same (described by (metes?) and bounds was by deed conveyed to the corporation by Patrick Tobin for the consideration of $3,430.00

During the year 1871, the land was surveyed and laid o ut into Lots, Walks, and Driveways under the superintendance of (Israel?) Evans Esq, E W Scane Esq, and Thomas Holmes Esq, they being the Cemetery Committee of the Council for that year.

Ward A containing 591 lots and Gores
Ward B containing 268 lots and Gores
Ward C containing 85 lots and Gores. (Note Ward C does not seem to have been used. Was it where the house was later placed? We do not know today.)
Ward D containing 163 lots and Gores
Ward E containing 151 lots and Gores
Ward F containing 599 lots and Gores
Ward G containing 253 Lots and Gores
Ward H containing 395 lots and Gores

A By Law for the government was passed on the 7th of July 1871 whereby the Property was renamed "The Maple Leaf Cemetery" and providing amongst other matters and things:- "That from and after the passing of this By Law it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to bury or cause to be buried or interred, any human dead body or corpse or participate or assist in so doing in any place within the limits of this corporation".

Which By-Law was repassed in an amended form on the 15th December 1894.

The first superintendent of Maple Leaf Cemetery was Thomas Sainsbury, who was appointed at the opening of the cemetery in 1871, and held the position continuously until the spring of 1895, when he resigned and was succeeded by Homer B Turner on the 1st March 1895.

End of Document

Document For 1894

In refference to the purchas of twenty acres of land, an addition to Maple Leaf Cemetery, the Park Cemetery Committee reports that they had an interview with Mr E W Scane in refferance to the purchas of said Land. He wants the sum of Two hundred dollars $200 per acre but in consideration of us leaving a 66 foot roadway between the land we purchas and his remaining property he will accept the sum of $150.00 One hundred dollars per acre for it. This he states is the lowest price he will accept for the said land. Your committee recommends it's purchas. Signed J Piggott C of C and P

Written across Document "Carried Over for Two Weeks".

End of Document.


The Park and Cemetery committee report that they have no suitable place to store the park lawn mower and other implements since the removal of the old bandstand. And would recommend that as the Chatham Cricket Club have offert to pay one half of the expense of enclosing the lawer portions of the new Band Stand in consideration of being allowed a portion of the enclosure for the storage of their implements that your committee be impowered to have the said work done. Cost not to exceede twenty dollars. Amended Town to pay the whole cost. J Piggott C of P and C.

Carried as amended.

End of Document


Chatham May 14 1894

To the Mayor and Council
Town of Chatham

We your c ommittee on Parks and Cemetery report as follows. Having examined into the matter of draining the Easterly side of Maple Leaf Cemetery consider that it is (necessarly?) to be done as soon as practical. It will (re.....?) about 670 feet of 8 inch poras tile and about 1600 feet of 6 inch poras tile. The tile should be laid at a depth from 6 to 7 feet. We recommend (ch?) the work be done under the (supertend...?) of James Oldershaw at a renumeration of one dollar 50/100 per day for his service. Estimated cost of above work Four hundred and Seventy dollars $475.00. Respectfully submitted.
JPiggott C of C. ......... Carried.


Chatham May 14 1894

We further recommend that as Maple Leaf Cemetery is being largely used by the inhabitants of the surrounding townships as well as by the inhabitants of the town in consequence desireable plots have become very scarce, it is time that the drainage of the Easterly side of the Cemetery as proposed would make a number of plots available, still the quantity of land suitable for burial is very limited and would recommend the early purchase of say twenty acres of the adjoining land.
Respectfully submitted
JPiggott C of P and C


Chatham June 11 1894

The Park and Cemetery Committee beg to report re the further consideration of the purchase of twenty acres of land from Mr E W Scane for an addition to Maple Leaf Cemetery That they consider it would be to the public interest to make the purchas and would recommend that the value of said land be decided by arbitation. and that debentures be issued for the term of twenty years to cover the cost of said purchas and that a bylaw be introduced in accordance with above report.
J Piggott C P and CC


Chatham july 9 1894

We your Committee on Parks and Cemeterys beg to report that we advertised for tenders for the drainage of Maple Leaf Cemetery and that we received ten tenders for the (preformance?) of the job.
Pool and Farby at $1.25 per (...?)
John Bisant at $1.50 per (...?)
(Al..?) Findlay at $1.25 per (...?)
Thomas Bateman at $2.00 per
Chas Hill at $1.50 per
James Summers at $1.20 per
James LeBen(?) at $1.90
John Douglas $1.50 per
John Ditmire (?) $1.50 per
John Illingworth $1.12 1/2 per
Your Committee met on Monday June 25th and in their presance and of a majority of the Council the above tenders were opened by the Town Clerk and the tender of James Summers for the performance of the work was accepted.


Chatham Aug 20 1894

We the Mayor and Council Your Park and Cemetery Committee beg to report the completion of the drainage of Maple Leaf Cemetery at a total cost of $462.55. Four Hundred and Sixty Two 50/100 and thatit is working satisfactory and will be a great improvement to the cemetery.
J Piggott Chatham P and C C


Chatham Jan 4 1895

To the Mayor and Council Town of Chatham
Your committee on Parks and Cemetery report that they have expended the sum of Ninty six dollars and 76/100 in leveling the East end of the cemetery and ..... fair job with that (amt?) We would recommend that as early as possible in the spring that the part leveled would be harrowed rolled and seeded down with lawn grass seed and that a small job of grading the roads be done early in the spring.


Febry 4 1895

To the Mayor and Council Town of Chatham
1st. Your Committee on Parks and Cemetrys report as follows re the appointment of a caretaker of Maple Leaf Cemetery after having your carefully over all the applications Some twenty two in number found it impossible to settle on any one man. The best we could do was to reduce the number to three which we agreed to submit to the whole Council to make a selection from The names of the three are as follows
Con Marires (?) Salary as per tender $375
H B Turner Salary as per tender $400
Fred Towile (?) Salary as per tender $375

2nd. Your Committee would also recommend that a new fence and gate be constructed at the enterence to Maple Leaf Cemetery as the ............ (no more of document available.)