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The History of the Old Cemeteries of Dresden

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Most of the old Cemeteries of Dresden have been long closed. It seems pretty certain that in at least one case that most if not all remains were moved. It is possible to completely certain that some remains are still in some of these cemeteries that have long been forgotten. We can document the location of the cemeteries themselves but we may or may not be able to release this information in the future as many of the former locations are on private property now. However, this information is available through documents of registration for researchers.

In the book "Stepping back in Time" it mentions that there used to be many "Campground Meetings" in the town of Dresden. The town is located right near the Outpost Mission at Dencke Creek. It is mentioned that at this time records have NOT been translated so there is no way to verify but it is remotely possible that a few of these meetings might have been led by the Missionaries at the Dencke Creek Outpost. i.e. Missionary Dencke. These folks were German, and the name Dresden is a German name, so could it have come from this root? Time MAY tell once further translations are done. The main thing to note here is that some services MIGHT have been done by the Moravian Missionary (Missionaries) at the outpost.

  • The Old Dresden Cemetery. Located on North Street a short distance South of the traffic light Just North of the United Church. As with almost every other town in Ontario it seems Dresden decided in the early 1870's that it was not a good idea to be interring people near where they lived, and near their sources of drinking water. So it was decided to close this cemetery around about 1873 and a new law forbid any further burials in the old cemetery which was located on North Street near the corner of Brock St.. Dowsing suggests that graves continued to where they end, a short distance South the traffic light on North Street. It was located pretty much where a new building has now been built a number of years ago. The remains of many of the old residents were removed to the new cemetery, but we will never know if any still lie there or how many. No Markers. No Monuments.
  • The New Dresden Cemetery. Located on the North side of Dresden. This is the cemetery that is still in use today, and it's history goes well back in time and we hope to document it soon. Grounds well kept. Many tipped and fallen monuments. LARGE cemetery.
  • The Old British American Institute Cemetery. We understand research is going on at the moment to figure out what the BAI Cemetery really was. Who was allowed to be interred there? Was it simply that the BIA owned large tracts of land for awhile, and with that many people they just needed a cemetery there for anyone who died on those lands? Or was the original cemetery tied directly somehow directly to the school? More history to possibly come in the future. This cemetery was located in the area of Dresden on the West side owned by the BAI. It is now on private property so we will not give it's exact location here. Remains were likely moved to the new British American Institute Cemtery across from Uncle Tom's Cabin today. Former Cemetery moved. No monuments. Site essentially lost.
  • The New British American Institute Cemetery. Located across from Uncle Tom's Cabin location today. This well used cemetery apparently got into very bad shape at one point as did so many other cemeteries in the countryside. At that point they decided to place the stones in a row into a wall to protect what was remaining as much as possible. The land on which this cemetery is located was formerly owned by Josiah Hanson. Part of a narrow strip that went from Concession to Concession. It is believed that remains were moved from the Old BAI Cemetery to this one when the old one was closed. Indications today are that this was done VERY carefully, and few if any remains still exist in the Old Cemetery in town. We have not yet investigated if there are any interments outside of the fence around it. There are many examples of this in other cemeteries in CK today. Monuments placed in a row. Grounds well kept. Little available History.
  • The Henson Cemetery. Located at Uncle tom's Cabin site today. This was a family cemetery for the Henson family. Well kept up. May be some monuments covered or possibly never there. A few tipped marble monuments.
  • The Stranger's Burying Ground in Fairport. Located in town in the general area of the old silos at the end of main street. We know that in those times that many cemeteries had "Potter's Fields" and in many cases they were treated like separate cemeteries. Dresden it seems had one that was exactly that. A separate cemetery. We are told that it was certainly used often to bury folks who came to Dresden by boat but did not quite make it there. Upon a death on a boat the crew needed a quick spot to get rid of a deceased person. And the Stranger's Burying Ground was located right across from the boat docks. "Potter's Fields" were seldom "Moved". It is ALMOST certain that all remains would still remain there today. This area is seems to have a relatively large number of interments, so it looks like it was used for more than burials from boats. Site essentially lost. No monuments. No cemetery markers.
  • The Anglican Church Cemetery. The Anglican Church cemetery we are told is listed as having only one burial. However some very quick sensing seemed to indicate many more burials. Only GPR could verify it either way along with further research. (Please note that it is hard to rate this Cemetery. The church grounds are well kept up. Researchers have told us that their research seems to indicate only one grave there though and we do not know where it was located. Thus it does not really fit into any category nor does it's history really seem to make sense with the sensing done so far.) Grounds well kept. No indication of burials there. No monuments. Records indicate one burial. Sensing seems to indicate more.