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All Photographs used in our web are stored in one of two areas. Our Gallery, or the Main Documentation area of our site.

'Note: If you want to know if a person is buried in one of the cemeteries we have posted photographs for, you can use the "Search" button on the page. At this time Nov. 2018 we have found a mistake when we were posting photographs. When you use the SEARCH, all people with the name you put in will show up...and more!,Example: if you type in Doug, every photo of anybody with the name Doug will pop up, but also the thousands of photos by our Photographer Doug Gammon. ... but it doesn't show which actual Cemetery they are buried in. We are working on fixing this by putting new codes for the photographers and most important, there will be "CEMETERY CODES" at the top of each picture. example: OML ~ A is Old Maple Leaf, Ward A, for OSA ~ Y, that will be Old St. Anthony's Ward Y, and so on....we will be working on changing all the pictures, but will warn it will take months and many months. For any parts of the Cemeteries that are not indexed, if you use the SEARCH, the stones that we have posted and put in the names of the deceased, will pop up, hence the results of not really needing to do individual indexing. We would like to say Sorry!.' WHEN USING THE SEARCH BUTTON for now (2019 ) uncheck the Title Box in the search and hopefully all the photos by a names won't all pop up.

1. Most photographs are stored in our Gallery. Just look for "Gallery" in our index and follow through to reach it. There are really two main areas to our Gallery. The First area (and the first index page you see) is Chatham's Maple Leaf and St Anthony's Cemeteries, and the second is the "Other Cemeteries' of Chatham-Kent. The first area of our Gallery also gives information showing our work in preserving / restoring as many cemeteries in our County as we possibly can. This area of our Gallery is the storage area for photographs that folks interested in Genealogy might use, as well as those interesting in preserving a cemetery. Many photos in this area are actually linked back to our main web site. One of the main areas is the Find a Stone area. Here for the cemeteries that we have now finished, you can find alphabetical indexes to all photographs in those cemeteries so far completed. Note: Note: not all photo albums for the cemeteries have been indexed....just do a SEARCH

The second area of our Gallery is the "Other Cemeteries" area where photographs of Cemeteries other than Maple Leaf and St Anthony's are stored. You can find the link to this area at the bottom of the main index page of the Gallery. Just look for the "Other Cemeteries" link, and find the list of cemeteries so far photographed in the index there. Simply click on the old Township name, and then the cemetery name to see individual photographs.

2. The other area where photographs are stored on our web site is in our main web site area. Here it is mostly special photographs and maps that are stored.

'We've added Extra Cemeteries that are on the Edge of Chatham-Kent. They are at the Bottom of the Main Album Page.'

If you wish to do a search for a photograph of a grave marker for a family member you should always look in the proper cemetery in the Gallery, AS WELL AS the Find a Stone indexes. (remember not all areas are indexed though). By doing this you will see all of the photographs existing on our web site of any particular family member plus historical and other information and photographs on the cemetery where they rest today.

Being This IS a long term project, Volunteers are doing their best to get it complete.