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A Very Old Deed for a Maple Leaf Cemetery Plot


With Special Thanks to the Lee Family

Please Note. We would love to have a similar deed from Old St Anthony's or other cemeteries. from the 1800's era. If you should have one and don't mind copying it for us, please contact us. These are a really valuable part of the history of our community.

Deed of Lee Plot in 1890 Ward G

Deed of Lee Plot Page 2.

One of our very treasured historic finds is a copy of a deed to a plot in Old Maple Leaf Cemetery dating to the year 1890. Remember that Old Maple Leaf Cemetery was only opened in 1871. So, although we cannot prove it, it is VERY likely that this deed shows exactly what the very first deeds in that Protestant Cemetery looked like.

The deed issued concerns the plot of the family of William Lee, and descendants of that family today cared enough about our history in Chatham-Kent to show us the copy of the original and to allow us to use it on this page.

Note that first interment there was of the child Milton Lee who died just before the plot was purchased. In those days folks often would inter their own family members. Feb 6 1889 - Oct 10 1890

See the other monuments on this plot as they exist today.