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List of Cemeteries Photographed

Please note that at any time, one or two on this list might be photographed but not yet documented on the web site. But will be VERY shortly.

7th Line Baptist / Second Baptist Church / Cromwell Cemetery
Abandoned / Freeman / First Union Church of British North America Cem
Abandoned / McMillan Cemetery
Abandoned / Nazrey / Negro Cemetery

Arnold / Riverside / Wees' Cemetery
Baldoon Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Bishop Cemetery

Botany Cemetery
Bothwell Cemetery (West Bothtwell)
British American Institution Cemetery
Brown Cemetery

Brown Drain Cemetery (Black African)
Broadbent Cemetery
Burgess Cemetery (Now called Rosedale.)
Burch (abandoned cemetery) 42 36.117 81 49.886 Lot 26 Con. 14 15850 Austin Line, Orford [C-K: 6328 Austin Line]

Burk Cemetery
Bury / Abandoned / Troyer Cemetery
Butler Cemetery Croton
Buxton / South Buxton Cemetery

Campbell Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery / Malcolm Campbell Burial Site
Carey Cemetery / Traxler Burying Ground

Carr Cemetery
Charing Cross United / Methodist Cemetery Charing Cross
Christ Church Memorial Garden Chatham (Names along walk way somehow.) Also tombstones fastened to the wall at the front of the Church, probably from St. Paul's Cemetery.
Clark Cemetery

Coatsworth Cemetery
Crawford Cemetery
Crow Cemetery
Dawn Mills Cemetery

Desmond / Farslow / Traxler Cemetery Farslow
Dolsen Cemetery
Everitt Cemetery

Erie Cemetery
Fairfield Cemetery
Fairview Memorial Gardens / Shrewsbury Community Cemetery
Field Cemetery

French's Cemetery
Front Ridge Harwich - abt 10775 or 10777 Front Line.
Gadd's Baptist Cemetery Photographed completely.
Gee - McVicar Gee

Gibson Cemetery
Gosnell Farm Cemetery
Gosnell Farm Cemetery - Mardling
Green Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery Ridgetown
Hammel - McKays Corners area.
Handsor Cemetery
Heatherington Cemetery

Henson Burial Ground Cemetery
Hills Cemetery
Holmes / Smith Burying Ground
Hutberg Cemetery

Hyatt Cemetery
Immaculate Conception RC / Pain Court RC Cemetery Pain Court
Jack Hill / Hind Cemetery
Jackson Private Cemetery

Jenner-Stewart / James Cemetery
Johnston Cemetery
Keyes Cemetery - Orford
Knight Cemetery

Lenover Cemetery, Howard Twp. probably 12014 Magnavilla Line One stone alone remains..
McBrayne Cemetery
Little Mickle Cemetery
Loucks Cemetery

Malott Cemetery
Maple Leaf & St Anthony's Cemetery Chatham PARTLY Photographed.
McAuley Cemetery Kent County, ON - Lot 3 Con. 1 Gore, Camden Twp. OR Con. 2. And ______ Mandaumin Road OR ____________ Line.. Two stones were moved to Dresden Cemetery.
McBrayne Cemetery

McDiarmid Cemetery Ridgetown,
McDonald - Snye Cemetery
McIntyre Burying Ground
McKay Cemetery - Chatham Twp. McKay family graves: 42.48209 .... 82.20003

McMullin / Traxler Cemetery
Merlin / Doyle Cemetery Merlin
Mills Cemetery - Also see Morehouse
Moraviantown Cemetery Moraviantown

Morehouse Cemetery - Monuments now located at Mills Cem.
Myrick Cemetery
Nevill's Cemetery
Newcombe Cemetery

Nolan Cemetery
Noltie Cemetery
North Buxton Memorial / Busy Bee Memorial Cemetery North Buxton,
North Buxton Community Cemetery

Ogletree Cemetery
Oldfield United Church Cemetery
Otter Creek Cemetery
Ouvry - Christ Church Anglican Cemetery Ouvry
Owen Community Cemetery

Palmyra Cemetery
Pardoville Union Cemetery
Phillip's Cemetery
Renwick Private Cemetery - Romney

Reynolds Cemetery (hwy 40 near Chatham)
Richardson Cemetery (hwy 40 near Chatham)
Richardson / McKinlay / Button Cemetery Lot 94 NTR, Howard Cemetery now moved and location now lost forever.
Ridgetown (Old) Cemetery Ridgetown

Riverview Cemetery Wallaceburg Partly Photographed
Riverview Mausoleum Wallaceburg
Romney Pioneer / Heward Cemetery
Rosedale Cemetery Tilbury

Salem Cemetery
Scane / Skene Cemetery
Shanks Cemetery
Shaw / Shawbank Cemetery

Sherman Cemetery Thamesville
Shewburg Cemetery
Shrewsbury Baptist Cemetery Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury Methodist Cemetery Shrewsbury

Smith & Hopper Burying Ground
St Charles Cemetery Stevenson
St Ignatius Cemetery
St Michael's Cemetery

St Patrick's Cemetery
St Paul's (Old) Cemetery Thamesville
St Peter's Cemetery
St Philippe

St Thomas Anglican Cemetery
Stewart Cemetery
Taff Bruials
Thamesview Lodge Potter's Field - Kent County Home

Tyler on Pinehurst Line.
Van Horne Cemetery
Victoria / Baddertown Cemetery Baddertown,
Wallace Cemetery

Wallaceburg - Old Water Street Cemetery.
Williams Cemetery
Wolf(e) Creek (As far as we can document it. MUCH Confusion here.)
Young's Cemetery

List of Cemeteries NOT Photographed

Many stones, Raleigh -- Craford Cemetery
Many stones -- Dresden Cemetery Dresden - Camden
Duart Cemetery - Orford

Evergreen Cemetery Blenheim - Raleigh
Large cemetery with Stones, well kept --Gosnell United Church / Highgate Cemetery Highgate - Orford
STONES, well-kept -- your area -- Mayhew Mount Pleasant / O'Neill's Cemetery Thamesville - Camden
Many Stones -- Morpeth Cemetery - Howard

Moravian Cemetery. - Howard
Well kept cemetery on a hill -- Trinity Anglican Cemetery Morpeth, - Howard
Union Burial Grounds / Blackburn Cemetery Trexler,
WITH STONES -- St Paul's RC (New) Cemetery Thamesville -Camden

List of Cemeteries NOT Photographed - location or proof of existence unknown at the moment.

To figure out which one it is/was -- Abandoned Negro Cemetery (Camden and Gore ???)

List of Cemeteries NOT Photographed - NO Monuments.

Brown Cemetery - Project re Henry V.

St Andrew's Presbyterian - Buxton area???

Monument Photographed but Cemetery Location NOT photographed yet.

Brown Drain Cemetery - should try to find it once crops are off - Dover near Chatham Daniel Turner stone photographed

For 2015 only!

Re Overstreet Cemetery...
Les Writes... The 25 acres seem to not come out to any road. It does seem to be a bit south of the Green Cemetery ... and, of course, it also was NOT near any road.

There does seem to be a creek through that area so the cemetery certainly MIGHT be along it. But where was the house, if the land doesn't come out to any road. OR they might have owned more land, like to the north, but only sold the 25 acres with the graves. Perhaps they had, earlier, sold off some of the other land.

the grave plot was said to be 16.5 feet by 33 feet and was to be fenced (in 1915).

the description is south east half of the north east half of the north west half of the lot

If the Lot is 200 acres
then the north west half of the Lot would be 100 acres
north east half of the north west half of the Lot would be 50 acres
south east half of the north east half of the north west half would be 25 acres

We should be able to plot the area on a copy of an old map ... like the one you copied a while back.

Martin Family Cemetery? Chatham This Week, Jan. 7, 2015, p. 6. "a family plot in Dover Township"\\ I expect he means what he described as "the old Dover Township homestead, Lot 10, Concession 9" -- Martin family\\ death/burial 1928 ... so still was permissible then, I guess.\\ SO, do we list it as another probable family cemetery, Dover Twp.?

Big Point Cemetery. Dover. Mentioned in One Kent County Book.

Eacott Cemetery, 1365 Smith Falls Road, Con 4 Lot 27 - Euphemia, Lambton
Location: E side, south of Dobbyn Rd, Some burials in 1847
Source: Lambton Cemetery records