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Historical Documentation of Butler Cemetery

Recently found Documentation of Butler Cemetery

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Agnes Bilton

Harry Denver Bodkin

Minta Bodkin

Richard D Bodkin

William James Bodkin

William Butler

Francis Herbert Childs

Lillian Rosetta Childs

Alice Corbett

Arthur W Cragg

Margaret Louise Cragg

Robert Currie

John Davison

Carrie E Corbett

Margare Christicam(?) Cook

Mary Corbett

Horace W Davison

Sarah Jane Gibbs

Annie Mary Graham

James R Graham

Sarah Harper

Edward Charles Johnston

Margaret Johnson

Emma Kerby

Sarah Ann King

Samuel Kirby

Frances Law

Florence Alexander Helen Leverton

Farquhar McDonald

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

John McKay

Lillian Mary McKay

William Milton

Deborah E Osborne

Samuel Wesley Price

William Edwin Josiah Reeder

Edith Rolston

Alem(?) Van Sickle

Mary Van Sickle

David Russell Sinclair

George Helcrew Sinclair

Mary Ann Sinclair

Mary Jane Sinclair

Joseph George Skinner

James Harvey Smith

Arthur Alexander Summers

William Thompson

Helen Elizabeth Unsworth

Christopher John Walkinghood

Mary Elizabeth Webster

Mary Helen Walker

Sarah Webster