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Names of Stone Makers we have found

Please Note ... Stonemakers' Personal Names in alphabetical order by last name. Company names in alphabetical order by first letter in company name.

Bates and Webster - Florence.

Burn J - Chatham

Burrows Bros Chatham

Campbell A - Blenheim. 1870's.

Campbell - J A Campbell - Bothwell. - stone dating 1873

Castle H - Bothwell - On Monument dating 1875 - 1880

Central Monument Company. 49 Jeffrey St Chatham. Monument marking burials between 1902 and 1953.

Chatham Marble and Granite Works. 35 - 39 Market Square, Chatham, Ontario. On stone dated 1929. May be the same as J E Thatcher and Sons Marble and Granite Works.

COLBY C. H. - CHATHAM, ONT. Stone marked 1933

Old Photograph of Thatcher Granite and Marble Monuments in Chatham
Photograph from Chatham-Kent Museum Collections.

Coll S - Ridgetown - On monument dated 1878.


Ellison and Slanter - Ridgetown. Noted on monument 1880.

Eters Detroit

Freiburyer F & Ph Christa Detroit From stone for death 1853

H & T Aylemer Found on stone probably put in VERY early 1900's

Harman and Company Windson noted on stones in Chatham Twp for instance around 1902.

Harper - Wardsville. On monument dated 1881

Heim C. & Co Detroit

Hurns E active 1862 (Unknown at the moment if this might be the same business as Hurns below.)

Hurns T Chatham

Hurns and Burn Chatham. around 1874. (Could a Hurns have merged business with Burn or bought them out?)

Hutchinson and Miller Aylmer Ont. On stone dating to just prior to 1900's

Jackson - W R Jackson Blenheim on stone dated 1881

Maggs John - on stones late 1800's. His personal monument contains only the word "Maggs" and is exactly across the road from the King stones.

Maggs Philip - on stones late 1800's. His family monument is a fairly large and modern looking granite stone a short distance East from John Maggs.

Maggs T C , Chatham on stone dated 1873

MASON T. E. PRACTICAL MONUMENT CUTTER COR. RALEIGH & GRAY (Would this mean Corner of Raleigh and Gray?) CHATHAM ONT. - Seems to be about 1912 - 1960's at least

PAUL Geo M - Sarnia - Work on a monument dating back to 1870

Rigg D P - Kent Bridge - on monument dated 1873.

Riggs D P - Chatham on stone dated 1853

Scribner G W - Chatham. On stone 1876

Shultheis W - Detroit - From a monument in 1850's period

Stanton and Company - Chatham. 1870's

Taylor and Albaugh - Chatham - On stone 1855

Teetzel and Ford - Morpeth. Mentioned on monument 1866

Thatcher - Ridgetown. 1880 on one stone.

Thatcher - J E and Sons. Marble and Granite Works. Photo shown as Market ST Chatham. May be the same as Chatham Marble and Granite Works.

Trickey - J. H.

White Bronze Co - St Thomas Ontario. White Bronze Metal Monuments. (Rare - One almost in the exact middle of Ward E.) Look for the white bronze monument there.


Burrows and Lorriman's Morgue (Noted on stone of Cartier family burning death.)

Wellington Street West in Chatham was known as “Summerlands”. Following the death of Mr. McKeough in 1899, his nephew W.E. McKeough resided here until 1925. It was in that year, over 87 years ago, that the property was first used as a funeral home. W.G. Burrows, one of the first funeral home operators in Chatham, and also one of Chatham’s oldest businesses, purchased it and turned this magnificent property into a very distinguished funeral home. In 1928, after a short partnership with Mr. Burrows and his son, Mr. Oscar Campbell took over the business and it became known as the Campbell Funeral Home. Both Mr. Campbell and his wife operated the funeral home with much compassion and renowned dignity throughout the community.

Following the Second World War, in October of 1945, John G. Stephen purchased the funeral home and the name again changed, this time to the Stephen Funeral Home. Mr. William Alexander then joined the firm as a director until 1973 when Mr. Stephen retired. The two men jointly operated the funeral home, known as the Stephen-Alexander Funeral Home from 1971. The funeral later became known as the Alexander Funeral Home. In 2002 a young married couple, Dan and Anne Houle purchased the funeral home. Now the Alexander Houle Funeral Home. There was a fire and the old original building burned to the ground. Dan and Anne built a new very accessible one level funeral home on the same site.

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