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What's New on the CKCemeteries Web Site

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June 1 2013 We now have a large number of cemeteries fully documented Historically. However, this history is very difficult to document. Please let us know if you can give us any information on ANY of these old cemeteries.

New Web Site Volunteers

Sept 2014. We now have 27,000 photographs on the web site. It is unbelievable the commitment of the people involved in this project. By the end of the year we hope to possibly have all Cemeteries of Chatham-Kent documented photographically with the exception of Dresden, Blenheim, the two Morpeth ones, Highgate, Duart, and Moraviantown. Also not finished of course are Wallaceburg, and Maple Leaf/St A's. With the exception of the last three we are expecting this list to be down to just Dresden and Blenheim, and possibly just Blenheim by this year next time.

A great deal more now known on the history of the Chatham Cemeteries, and the Other Cemeteries as well. Most all is documented into our History Areas of our web site.

Web site expansion is now occurring in the maps areas, and documentation of many of the Cemeteries of Chatham-Kent including documentation of GPS locations, etc.

Many of the old plowed down cemeteries of Chatham-Kent have now been found and we know their positions once again. This is of course all that we will do with these now. In one case the history of one called Old Baldoon had disappeared pretty much completely and it was lost and now unknown and it's existence even questioned. Now it has been found again by research and pinpointing by dowsing, and we have found a family who mentions former family members being buried there. So, it's existence is now once again pretty much proven.

2015 brought us some sad days: With the Death of our dearest Friend John Skakel who co-built and designed this lovely website, it has come to the point where we see we have made a dent in the physical work. Bruce is still working on doing repairs and restoration. A few times he has had some help from Tom K., Trish N., & Les M., to work on this never ending project. With most of us being busy these days, the work has slowed down considerably. Les & Peggy are still doing research and look ups when I (Trish) get requests from the website. Always proves interesting searches.

2017 has seen Bruce still working on repairing damaged headstones. Also doing some lifting of stones with Tom K., and Les M. So much more work today, but no extra hands.

2018 has seen a wet wild winter here in Chatham that we haven't had in some years. Now with the flooding in late Feb., the cemeteries are very wet and soggy. We are hoping for the drains to work well and leave the stones standing stable and not requiring much in the line of filling and lifting bases on them. Hoping that we will get some more work done this spring and summer.

The website photography is getting to a point where there is actually a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. Doug & Henry are still working on postings and hopefully the Riverview Cemetery in Wallaceburg, Ont., will be finished by the end of the summer. Dawn H. is working on the Soldier's Field posting more photos, etc. Maple Leaf and St. Anthony's Cemeteries are going to be having photos posted this coming season. Peggy & Trish are designated to do them. Tons of photos to be posted.

Just a quick note to let you know that Maple Leaf & St. Anthony's ~ Indexing was not on John's or my (Trish) bucket list. It was agreed between us that we would post the photos and then see what comes of indexing. But the indexing was not really important to us due to the size of the Cemeteries. As the Sections of the Cemeteries are broken down into smaller Albums it has made it easier for people to view the Sections.

2019 is finding us somewhat behind in work due to the rainy spring season that has caused soggy lands in the cemeteries. Repairs and some lifting will be executed this year. Posting of photos, etc., will continue.

Enjoy our site and we appreciate the comments and feedback. If you have any pictures for the Albums, please contact Trish and we will see about including them. Sincerely Trish Nigh