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The Former Houses and small buildings of Maple Leaf Cemetery

On July 27 of 1871, "Weekly Planet" reports Quote "the building of a house for the Superintendent of the Cemetery, at a cost of $528.25" Note the exact cost. This suggests it is completed at that time. We believe that up until then that there were no buildings on the cemetery site but this cannot now be proven.

Then, in 1889 Planet writes that there should be a pavilion or shed in M/L to shelter visitors in sudden rains, and stairs down to the creek (water). Thus confirming that there was no such building at that time there.

On May 31 of 1909, Ald Baxter reported in regards to the Morgue at the Cemetery, that by turning the present tool house into a morgue and move drive shed along side of morgue for tool house the cost of same will be between $40 & $50. This motion was adopted but we have no PROVEN information as to the location of the building(s). However,text about a kitchen and a stable at the Eastern gate in council records point to a very strong possibility that this would have been the location, and if so, the gate at that time would have been near the Southern end of the circle drive way in front of the Old Mausoleum existing today. (See text below of council meeting Apr 29 1913.)

1909 June 14: Ald. Baxter stated the Cemetery Committee has sold the old cemetery dwelling to N. A. McGeachy for $65.00 and asked that the action be approved." [Perhaps the Superintendent's house of 1871?]

1909 The "Morgue" opened in Maple Leaf. To be used "to store bodies ..... when it was impossible to bury them." Planet writes The morgue will also prove a convenient place for holding of burial services when weather is increment outside. The building has "trusses, new steps, and doors" confirming it existed before as something else. Building is quoted as being twenty feet long by 14 feet wide. Cost to repair estimated at $50 but completed for $38.75. [Chatham Daily Planet June 22, 1909] [It is now known for certain that this is NOT the red brick building that we see today. It was constructed 11 years later.]

From Chatham Council Minutes Apr 29 1913

Ald Holmes and Freman went to the Cemetery and found the kitchen roof in bad shape. Also the stable. Moved that the said buildings be roofed with composition roofing and the matter be referred to the cemetery committee with power to fix the eves trough.

It is likely that these buildings relate somehow to the old buildings mentioned above but at this point we have no way to tell how these pieces of the puzzle used to fit together and it is unlikely that we ever will have that evidence needed to do that.

1916 March 20. Caretaker's wife asks to have two rooms painted and papered at a cost of $9.50.

1916 May 1. Small House AT ENTRANCE TO CEMETERY needs a new roof. Location of this building now lost probably forever.

From Chatham Council Minutes June 30 1913

Ald Holmes spoke of the dilapidated condition of the old board fence on the Southerly Side of the Cemetery and that it should be replaced with new wire fence with turned posts. There is about 120 rods which would cost about $120. Moved that a new wire fence be built with turned posts. Carried.

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