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Historical Bits and Pieces

Useful bits of Useless or Forgotten historical information

Photo of Williams Cemetery
Showing beautiful example of an old time plot
with head and foot stones.


In future you will find a few examples of general information that we have learned about old time cemetery plots and bits and pieces of cemetery information. Please remember that this is like the coffee shop where you sit down and slip your shoes off, grab a coffee and a doughnut and have a chat. We will do our best to keep everything as factual as we know it to be here. But if you should find a mistake or have suggestions for further entries or even things you think we should delete please let us know.

Head, Foot, and Marker Stones. What are they?

Tiny bits of interesting information that we have managed to find along the way.

Special Sensitive Information. Some information in a cemetery can be very personal. This area is for private use only.

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