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Of The Chatham Union

Documentation up to date as of 2016

Mother Xavier LeBihan

The following information was given to us by the Ursuline Sisters.

(Quote) "Mother Xavier LeBihan – Religious Name; (Yvonne LeBihan) – Birth Name
Mother Xavier came from LeFaouet, France, braved treacherous transatlantic travel and arrived eventually in Chatham, Ontario having received letters from Father Jaffre, a Jesuit Priest and Mr. John Baptist Williams, a prominent Catholic layman and trustee of the Chatham School Board, to begin the important work of education. Mother Xavier was the first Ursuline Sister to be buried in the cemetery. There were eight Sisters buried at the Ursuline Motherhouse (“The Pines”). They were eventually moved to St. Anthony’s Cemetery. (End of quote)

She died on May 22, 1896, aged 82 years, Professed 58 years

Also Sister Rose Marie Blonde has told us (Quote) "In our history books it says that the first sisters who died were buried in the little enclosed plot on the convent grounds. This plot had been blessed for that purpose in 1877. Then in 1891 the decision was made to buy some plots in the parish cemetery.

All links here are available in the listings of individual Wards they are interred in as well. Note that there are two sections for each area. One contains the listings of given names and one contains the listings of religious names.

Each Sister's or Mother's grave is located near the location that they were living when they died. Thus those living in Chatham are now located in St Anthony's Cemetery.

The Ursulines in Old St Anthony's.

There are actually two areas in Old St Anthony's but since they are VERY close together, we will treat them as one

MOTHER M. XAVIER (YVONNE LeBIHAN) Foundress of the Ursulines of the Chatham Union

Mother Agnes Marie (Marie Azilda CHARTRAND)

Mother Joseph Marie (Marie Eulalie LEFRANCOISE)

Mother M. Fidelis (Margaret O'KEEFE)

Mother M. Joachim (Mary E. McGRATH)

Mother M. Miriam (Mary Kathleen FLYNN)

Mother M. Philomene (Martha FORRISTAL)

Mother M. St. Austin (Mary Jessie McGREGOR)

Mother M. St. Joseph (Clare Winnifred MAJOR)

Mother M. St. Patrick (Mary Elizabeth O'NEILL)

Mother M. Wilhemine (Edith M. Elizabeth FOLEY)

Mother Mary Agatha (Mildred KUHN)

Mother Mary Agnes (Louisa Mary KENT)

Mother Mary Agnes Clare (Agnes ROWLAND)

Mother Mary Alexander (Flora Mary McRAE)

Mother Mary Aloysius (Beatrice FORHAN)

Mother Mary Alphonsus (Helen JACOBS)

Mother Mary Antoinette (Catherine Agnes SCOTT)

Mother Mary Assumption (Marie Virginie CARON)

Mother Mary Augustine (Mary BRENNAN)

Mother Mary Baptist (Jane Frances O'GRADY)

Mother Mary Bernadette (Mary SMALL)

Mother Mary Bernard (Ellen McGILLIS)

Mother Mary Bernice (Ellen Matilda BYRNE)

Mother Mary Bridget (Bridget DELANEY)

Mother Mary Catharine (Martha COLEMAN)

Mother Mary Cecilia (Anastasia CHARLTON)

Mother Mary Celestine (Martha LEECH)

Mother Mary Clare (Mary GAUKLER)

Mother Mary Clotilde (Marie GERARD)

Mother Mary Conception (Mary KLINKHAMMER)

Mother Mary Constance (Louisa CAIN)

Mother Mary Elizabeth (Mary Dympna KLEINE)

Mother Mary Eulalie (Delphine Elizabeth AUBIN)

Mother Mary Euphrasia (Patricia LEECH)

Mother Mary Florence (Kathleen FALLON)

Mother Mary Francis (Mary Catherine MINDORFF)

Mother Mary Francis DeSales (Helen Mary GRAHAM)

Mother Mary Genevieve (Margaret WILLIAMS)

Mother Mary Germaine (Mildred DONOVAN)

Mother Mary Gertrude (Charlotte MONCK)

Mother Mary Hildegarde (Marie Edna O'CONNOR)

Mother Mary Ignatius (Mary Ann McDONALD)

Mother Mary Immaculate (Mary DWYER)

Mother Mary Jane Frances (Anne McCONNELL)

Mother Mary Josephine (Rose DeLima CHEVALIER)

Mother Mary Justina (Mary Josephine AUBIN)

Mother Mary Lawrence (Venderille COTE)

Mother Mary Lourdes (Emma WIDRIG)

Mother Mary Loyola (Ida STRICKLAND)

Mother Mary Martha (Anna O'HARA)

Mother Mary Of The Anunciation (Sophie RONDOT)

Mother Mary Of The Angels (Mary HOY)

Mother Mary of The Incarnation (Josephine BOUILLE`)

Mother Mary Of The Sacred Heart (Marie Louise QUENNEVILLE)

Mother Mary Mercedes (Katherine Christina TOONEY)

Mother Mary Monica (Catherine McMAHON)

Mother Mary Patricia (Emma MEEHAN)

Mother Mary Paula (Madeline Ursula WATTS)

Mother Mary Petronilla (Agnes Rose McFERRAN)

Mother Mary Presentation (Marie LAPOINTE)

Mother Mary Regina (Mary Bernadette ST. PIERRE)

Mother Mary Rita (Honora Eugenie CRUNICAN)

Mother Mary Rosary (Rose Elizabeth BOULTON)

Mother Mary Scholastica (Blanche MURPHY)

Mother Mary Stanislaus (Ellen LYNCH)

Mother Mary St. Edmund (Bernadette TRUDELLE)

Mother Mary St. Michael (Mary Beatrice MAJOR)

Mother Mary St. Paul (Sarah Jane COVENY)

Mother Mary St. Peter (Cecilia McGREGOR)

Mother Mary St. Thomas (Mary Beatrice CONNOR)

Mother Mary St. Vincent (Mary OMSTEAD)

Mother Mary Teresa (Ann McGREGOR)

Mother Mary Ursula (Ursula KELLY)

Mother Mary Veronica (Julia McLAUGHLIN)

Mother Mary Victorine (Florence FALLON)

Mother Mary Visitation (Azilda BEAUDET)

Mother Mary Winnifred (Teresa KELLY)

Mother Mary Xavier (Mary Margaret COLE)

Mother Mary Zita (Lucy MOIR)

Mother Theresa Marie (Grace Helen O'CONNOR)

Mother Ursula Marie (Cedulia BELANGER)

Sister Gertrude Marie (O'CONNOR)

Sister Ignatius Loyola (BARRON)

Sister M. Agnes Theresa (McGREGOR)

Sister M Alphonsus (HICKEY)

Sister M. Angela (DIGNAN)

Sister M. Angela (FENLON)

Sister M. Angela Clare (QUINN)

Sister M. Angeline (KELLY)

Sister M. Anita (McKEON)

Sister M. Ann Colette (McDONALD)

Sister M. Antonia (VIOLINI)

Sister M. Armella (BUNCZEK)

Sister M. Augusta (EDWARDS)

Sister M. Beatrice (PATTEN)

Sister M Berchmans (MC DONALD)

Sister M. Bernardine(DIEMER)

Sister M. Blanche (GOUDREAU)

Sister M. Bonaventure (KLINKHAMMER)

Sister M. Callista (HEENAN)

Sister M. Catherine (PHILLIPPO)

Sister M. Dolores (MacINTYRE)

Sister M. Dolorosa (BOON)

Sister M. Dorothy (Frances GEISLER)

Sister M. Fabian (GOLDHAWK)

Sister M. Frances Regis (PATTEN)

Sister M. Geraldine (ANDERSON)

Sister M. Gertrude (Anna PERRON)

Sister M. Helena (MASON)

Sister M. Immaculate Heart (KILLEN)

Sister M. Irene (MURRAY)

Sister M. Loretto (LAPORTE)

Sister M. Louise (ST. DENIS)

Sister M. Lucienne (GERARD)

Sister M. Lucy (BUTLER)

Sister M. Margaretta (HICKEY)

Sister M. Mildred (HURLEY)

Sister M. Norberta (SHEA)

Sister M. Patrick Joseph (O'LEARY)

Sister M. Sacred Heart (CHEESEMAN)

Sister M. Seraphine (Seraphine Alexine HEBERT)

Sister M St Angela (HAGAN)

Sister M. St. Anne (LACHANCE)

Sister M. St. Anne (Mary E. WALLACE)

Sister M. St. Anthony (BEZAIRE)

Sister M. ST. Gabriel (HOARD)

Sister M. St. George (HOWARD)

Sister M. St. Martin (EGAN)

Sister M. Teresa Ann (FINN)

Sister M. Theresita (LEGROULX)

Sister Margaret (BASLER)

Sister Margaret (HARRIS)

Sister Margaret (MINER)

Sister Margaret Mary (Theresa Jane DOWDLE)

Sister Margaret Mary (KILROE)

Sister Marie Du Crucifix (Marie Estelle DUVAL)

Sister Marie Eileen (BYRNE)

Sister Marina (STOCK)

Sister Mary Aloysious (Alice O'GRADY)

Sister Mary Ann (DOYLE)

Sister Maryann (Margaret HANLON)

Sister Mary Benedict (Victorine MURPHY)

Sister Mary Berchmans (Justina O'BRIEN)

Sister Mary Borgia (Margaret O'NEILL)

Sister Mary Carmel (RIDDELL)

Sister Mary Clara (HELMER)

Sister Mary Clare (Mary KILGALLIN)

Sister Mary Gerald (McCANN)

Sister Mary Helen (WELSH)

Sister Mary Janet (MacDONELL)

Sister Mary Joseph (Mary HENRY)

Sister Mary Martha (Esther DALY)

Sister Mary Michael (Marie Elizabeth BOIVIN)

Sister Mary Nativity (Adelaide CHEVALIER)

Sister Mary Rosary (Rose LAMOUREUX)

Sister Mary Rose (Mary Bridget DOYLE)

Sister Mary Rose (Aloysia KENNEDY)

Sister Mary Ruth (ROBINS)

Sister Mary Paulita (McDONELL)

Sister Mary Sheila (Katherine O'HARA)

Sister Mary Ursula (Catherine McMAHON)

Sister Mary Vincent (GILLOGLY)

Sister St. Alfred (McCONNELL)

Sister St. Dominic (QUINN)

Sister St. Leonard (McMAHON)

Sister St. Maurice (McPARLAND)

Sr. Marie De St. Augustin (Irmine BEDARD)

Sr. Marie Du Sacre Coeur (Victorine GAOUETTE)


ANDERSON Sister M. Geraldine

(AUBIN Delphine Elizabeth ) Mother Mary Eulalie

(AUBIN Mary Josephine) Mother Mary Justina

(CARON Marie Virginie) Mother Mary Assumption

BARRON Sister Ignatius Loyola

BASLER Sister Margaret

(Azilda BEAUDET) Mother Mary Visitation

(BEDARD Irmine) Sr. Marie De St. Augustin

(BELANGER Cedulia) Mother Ursula Marie

BEZAIRE Sister M. St. Anthony

(BOIVIN Marie Elizabeth) Sister Mary Michael

BOON Sister M. Dolorosa

(BOUILLE` Josephine) Mother Mary of the Incarnation

(BOULTON Rose Elizabeth) Mother Mary Rosary

(BRENNAN Mary) Mother Mary Augustine

BUNCZEK Sister M. Armella

BUTLER Sister M. Lucy

BYRNE Sister Marie Eileen

(BYRNE Ellen Matilda) Mother Mary Bernice

(CAIN Louisa) Mother Mary Constance

(CHARLTON Anastasia ) Mother Mary Cecilia

(CHARTRAND Marie Azilda) Mother Agnes Marie

CHEESEMAN Sister M. Sacred Heart

(CHEVALIER Adelaide) Sister Mary Nativity

(CHEVALIER Rose DeLima) Mother Mary Josephine

(COLE Mary Margaret) Mother Mary Xavier

(COLEMAN Martha) Mother Mary Catharine

(CONNOR Mary Beatrice) Mother Mary St. Thomas

(COTE Venderille) Mother Mary Lawrence

(COVENY Sarah Jane) Mother Mary St. Paul

(CRUNICAN Honora Eugenie) Mother Mary Rita

(DALY Esther ) Sister Mary Martha

(DELANEY Bridget) Mother Mary Bridget

DIEMER Sister M. Bernardine

DIGNAN Sister M. Angela

(DONOVAN Mildred) Mother Mary Germaine

(DOWDLE Theresa Jane) Sister Margaret Mary

DOYLE Sister Mary Ann

(DOYLE Mary Bridget) Sister Mary Rose

(DUVAL Marie Estelle) Sister Marie Du Crucifix

(DWYER Mary) Mother Mary Immaculate

EDWARDS Sister M. Augusta

EGAN Sister M. St. Martin

(FALLON Florence) Mother Mary Victorine

(FALLON Kathleen) Mother Mary Florence

FENLON Sister M. Angela

FINN Sister M. Teresa Ann

(FLYNN Mary Kathleen) Mother M. Miriam

(FOLEY Edith M. Elizabeth) Mother M. Wilhemine

(FORHAN Beatrice) Mother Mary Aloysius

(FORRISTAL Martha) Mother M. Philomene

(GAUKLER Mary) Mother Mary Clare

(GAOUETTE Victorine ) Sr. Marie Du Sacre Coeur

(GEISLER Frances) Sister M. Dorothy

GERARD Sister M. Lucienne

(GERARD Marie) Mother Mary Clotilde

GILLOGLY Sister Mary Vincent

GOLDHAWK Sister M. Fabian

GOUDREAU Sister M. Blanche

(GRAHAM Helen Mary) Mother Mary Francis DeSales

HAGAN Sister M St Anthony

(Margaret HANLON) Sister Maryann

HARRIS Sister Margaret

HEBERT (Seraphine Alexine) Sister M. Seraphine

HEENAN Sister M. Callista

HELMER Sister Mary Clara

(HENRY Mary) Sister Mary Joseph

HICKEY Sister M Alphonsus

HICKEY Sister M. Margaretta

HOARD Sister M. ST. Gabriel

HOWARD Sister M. St. George

(HOY Mary) Mother Mary Of The Angels

HURLEY Sister M. Mildred

(JACOBS Helen ) Mother Mary Alphonsus

KELLY Sister M. Angeline

(KELLY Teresa) Mother Mary Winnifred

(KELLY Ursula) Mother Mary Ursula

(KENNEDY Aloysia) Sister Mary Rose

(KENT Louisa Mary) Mother Mary Agnes

(KILGALLIN Mary) Sister Mary Clare

KILLEN Sister M. Immaculate Heart

KILROE Sister Margaret Mary

(KLEINE Mary Dympna) Mother Mary Elizabeth

KLINKHAMMER Sister M. Bonaventure

(KLINKHAMMER Mary) Mother Mary Conception

(KUHN Mildred) Mother Mary Agatha

LACHANCE Sister M. St. Anne

(LAMOUREUX Rose) Sister Mary Rosary

(LAPOINTE Marie) Mother Mary Presentation

LAPORTE Sister M. Loretto


(LEECH Martha) Mother Mary Celestine

(LEECH Patricia) Mother Mary Euphrasia

(LEFRANCOISE Marie Eulalie) Mother Joseph Marie

LEGROULX Sister M. Theresita

(LYNCH Ellen) Mother Mary Stanislaus

MacDONELL Sister Mary Janet

MacINTYRE Sister M. Dolores

(MAJOR Mary Beatrice) Mother Mary St. Michael

(MAJOR Clare Winnifred) Mother M. St. Joseph (Clare Winnifred MAJOR)

MASON Sister M. Helena

McCANN Sister Mary Gerald

McCONNELL Sister St. Alfred

(McCONNELL Anne) Mother Mary Jane Frances

Mc DONALD Sister M Berchmans

McDONALD Sister M. Ann Colette

(McDONALD Mary Ann) Mother Mary Ignatius

(McFERRAN Agnes Rose) Mother Mary Petronilla

(Ellen McGILLIS) Mother Mary Bernard

(McGRATH Mary E.) Mother M. Joachim

McGREGOR Sister M. Agnes Theresa

(McGREGOR Ann) Mother Mary Teresa

(McGREGOR Cecilia) Mother Mary St. Peter

(Mary Jessie McGREGOR) Mother M. St. Austin

McDONELL Sister Mary Paulita

(McLAUGHLIN Julia) Mother Mary Veronica

McMAHON Sister St. Leonard

(McMAHON Catherine) Mother Mary Monica

(McMAHON Catherine) Sister Mary Ursula

McPARLAND Sister St. Maurice

McKEON Sister M. Anita

(McRAE Flora Mary) Mother Mary Alexander

(MEEHAN Emma) Mother Mary Patricia

(MINDORFF Mary Catherine) Mother Mary Francis

MINER Sister Margaret

(MOIR Lucy) Mother Mary Zita

(MONCK Charlotte) Mother Mary Gertrude

(MURPHY Blanche) Mother Mary Scholastica

(MURPHY Victorine) Sister Mary Benedict

MURRAY Sister M. Irene

(Justina O'BRIEN) Sister Mary Berchmans

O'CONNOR Sister Gertrude Marie

(O'CONNOR Grace Helen) Mother Theresa Marie

(O'CONNOR Marie Edna) Mother Mary Hildegarde

(Alice O'GRADY) Sister Mary Aloysious

(O'GRADY Jane Frances) Mother Mary Baptist

(O'HARA Anna) Mother Mary Martha

(O'HARA Katherine) Sister Mary Sheila

(O'KEEFE Margaret) Mother M. Fidelis

O'LEARY Sister M. Patrick Joseph

(OMSTEAD Mary) Mother Mary St. Vincent

(O'NEILL Margaret) Sister Mary Borgia

(O'NEILL Mary Elizabeth) Mother M. St. Patrick

(Anna PERRON) Sister M. Gertrude

PATTEN Sister M. Beatrice

PATTEN Sister M. Frances Regis

PHILLIPPO Sister M. Catherine

(QUENNEVILLE Marie Louise) Mother Mary Of The Sacred Heart

QUINN Sister M. Angela Clare

QUINN Sister St. Dominic

RIDDELL Sister Mary Carmel

ROBINS Sister Mary Ruth

(RONDOT Sophie) Mother Mary Of The Anunciation

(ROWLAND Agnes) Mother Mary Agnes Clare

(SCOTT Catherine Agnes) Mother Mary Antoinette

SHEA Sister M. Norberta

(SMALL Mary) Mother Mary Bernadette

ST. DENIS Sister M. Louise

(ST. PIERRE Mary Bernadette ) Mother Mary Regina

STOCK Sister Marina

(STRICKLAND Ida) Mother Mary Loyola

(TOONEY Katherine Christina) Mother Mary Mercedes (Katherine Christina TOONEY)

(TRUDELLE Bernadette) Mother Mary St. Edmund

VIOLINI Sister M. Antonia

(Mary E. WALLACE) Sister M. St. Anne

(WATTS Madeline Ursula) Mother Mary Paula

WELSH Sister Mary Helen

(WIDRIG Emma) Mother Mary Lourdes

(WILLIAMS Margaret) Mother Mary Genevieve

The Ursulines in New St. Anthony's Annex Ward T

Sister Agnes (Coyne)

Sister Amelia (Lepain)

Sister Barbara Ann (Conroy)

Sister Camilla (Taylor)

Sister Clara (Boechler)

Sister Clarisse (Potter)

Sister Consuele (Yesbec)

Sister Elizabeth (Walker)

Sister Emmanuella (Doyle)

Sister Eugenie (Bedard)

Sister Francesca (Gagnon)

Sister Francis (Walsh)

Sister Gerarda (Robins)

Sister Gertrude (Colton)

Sister Henrietta (Roth)

Sister Inez (Donovan)

Sister Ignatius (Rapin)

Sister Irmina (Byrne)

Sister Isabelle (Parent)

Sister Jean Marie (Audette)

Sister Joan of Arc (Sweeney)

Sister M Clarita (Mulhern)

Sister M Gabriela (Kolinowsky)

Sister M Kathleen (Taylor)

Sister M Paula (Brockmann)

Sister Margaret (Fleming)

Sister Marion (McConnell)

Sister Mary Agnes (Major)

Sister Mary Agnes (Sullivan)

Sister Mary Bertille (Soulliere)

Sister Mary Boniface (Stradeck)

Sister Mary Charlotte (Menard)

Sister Mary (Ernestine)

Sister Mary Eunice (Kreyder)

Sister Mary Bertha (Goldhawk)

Sister Mary Edith (Lenehan)

Sister Mary Jane (Weldon)

Sister Mary Jerome (Jordan)

Sister Mary Joanna (O'connor)

Sister Mary Lillian (O'Brien)

Sister Mary Madeleine (Lassaline)

Sister Mary Magdalen (Poland)

Sister Mary Marguerite (Egan)

Sister Mary Paschal (Cassin)

Sister Mary Rosalina)

Sister Mary Maureen (McCarthy)

Sister Michael Francis (Longeway)

Sister Mildred (Harris)

Sister Moira (Nagle)

Sister Regina (McNamara)

Sister Remigius (Dill)

Sister Roberta (Barron)

Sister Rosalie (Trudell)

Sister St Sebastian (Winterhalt)

Sister Stephanie (Holland)

Sister Teresa (Feldsmann)

Sister Teresa (Veness)

Sister Ursula (O'Neill)

Sister Vincentia (Vogt)

Sister Anna Marie (Winterhalt)

Sister Yvonne (Perrin)


(Audette) Sister Jean Marie

(Barron) Sister Roberta

(Bedard) Sister Eugenie

(Boechler) Sister Clara

(Bondy) Sister Mary Ernestine

(Brockmann) Sister M Paula

(Byrne) Sister Irmina

(Cassin) Sister Mary Paschal

(Colton) Sister Gertrude

(Conroy) Sister Barbara Ann

(Coyne) Sister Agnes

(Dill) Sister Remigius

(Donovan) Sister Inez

(Doyle) Sister Emmanuella

(Egan) Sister Mary Marguerite

(Feldsmann) Sister Teresa

(Fleming) Sister Margaret

(Gagnon) Sister Francesca

(Goldhawk) Sister Mary Bertha

(Harris) Sister Mildred

(Holland) Sister Stephanie

(Kolinowsky) Sister Gabriela

(Kreyder) Sister Mary Eunice

(Lassaline) Sister Mary Madeleine

(Lenehan) Sister Mary Edith

(Lepain) Sister Amelia

(Longeway) Sister Michael Francis

(Lynch) Sister Patricia

(Major) Sister Mary Agnes

(McCarthy) Sister Maureen

(McConnell) Sister Marion

(McNamara) Sister Regina

(Menard) Sister Mary Charlotte

(Mulhern) Sister M Clarita

(Nagle) Sister Moira

(O'Brien) Sister Mary Lillian

(O'connor) Sister Mary Joanna

(O'Neill) Sister Ursula

(Parent) Sister Isabelle

(Perrin) Sister Yvonne

(Poland) Sister Mary Magdalen

(Potter) Sister Clarisse

(Rapin) Sister Ignatius

(Robins) Sister Gerarda

(Rosalina) Sister Mary

(Roth) Sister Henrietta

(Soulliere) Sister Mary Bertille

(Stradeck) Sister Mary Boniface

(Sullivan) Sister Mary Agnes

(Sweeney) Sister Joan of Arc

(Taylor) Sister Camilla

(Taylor) Sister M Kathleen

(Trudell) Sister Rosalie

(Veness) Sister Teresa

(Vogt) Sister Vincentia

(Walker) Sister Elizabeth

(Walsh) Sister Francis

(Weldon) Sister Mary Jane

(Winterhalt) Sister Anna Marie

(Winterhalt) Sister St Sebastian

(Yesbec) Sister Consuela

The Ursulines in New St. Anthony's, Chapel Drive 6

Sister Adrienne (Garbutt)

Sister Alexis (Callam)

Sister Andrea (Janisse)

Sister Angela Pinsonneault

Sister Angelica (Nagle)

Sister Ann Raphael (Butler)

Sister Anna Marie (Colton)

Sister Bernarda (Lewis)

Sister Bertrand (Robert)

Sister Brenda (Tighe)

Sister Cecile (May)

Sister Cecily (Carlin

Sister Claire Marie (Poisson)

Sister Clare Marie (Mercedes) Conroy

Sister Clarice (Lennon)

Sister Delphine (Gautier)

Sister Ethelbert (Marie Della Daniel)

Sister Eucharia (Trudell)

Sister Evangeline (Bairns)

Sister Evelyn (Jordan)

Sister Florence (Kelly)

Sister Georgina (Brahaney)

Sister Gloria (Elliott)

Sister Helen (Rowland)

Sister Herman Joseph (Cassin)

Sister Kathleen (Moore)

Sister Laurentia (Wickenheiser)

Sister Liguori (Nagle)

Sister Louise Marie (Sauve)

Sister Magdalena Boechler)

Sister Margaret Ann (Hogan)

Sister Margaret (Kelly)

Sister Margaret (Soulliere)

Sister Marie Claire (Bourassa)

Sister Marie Estelle (Tremblay)

Sister Marie-Paule (Lanoue)

Sister Mary Doreen (Clarice Drouillard)

Sister Mary (Eckert)

Sister Mary Elaine (Parent)

Sister Mary Electa (Pineau)

Sister Mary Ellen (Bourret)

Sister Mary Hilda (Weigle)

Sister Mary Julia (Gagnier)

Sister Mary Louise (Rooney)

Sister Mary Phyllis (Benoit)

Sister Mary Theresa (Angell Shaw)

Sister Mary (Turner)

Sister Matthias (Trombley)

Sister Michaela (Mary Bernice Doyle)

Sister Noreen (Brady)

Sister Phyllis (Moore)

Sister Priscille Therese Ducharme

Sister Simone (Myers)

Sister St David (Mary McConnell)

Sister St Gilbert (Rivard)

Sister St John (Lucille) MacNeill

Sister St Margaret (Hebert)

Sister St Mark (Rocheleau)

Sister St Maron (John)

Sister St Michael (Guinan)

Sister St Peter (McCowell)

Sister St Philip (Major)

Sister Theodore (Margaret Bridget) Doyle

Sister Veronica (Moore)


(Bairns) Sister Evangeline

(Benoit) Sister Mary Phyllis

(Boechler) Sister Magdalena

(Bourassa) Sister Marie Claire

(Bourret) Sister Mary Ellen

(Brady) Sister Noreen

(Brahaney) Sister Georgina

(Butler) Sister Ann Raphael

(Callam) Sister Alexis

(Carlin) Sister Cecily

(Cassin) Sister Herman Joseph

(Colton) Sister Anna Marie

(Mercedes) Conroy Sister Clare Marie

Daniel (Marie Della) Sister Ethelbert

Doyle (Margaret Bridget) Sister Theodore

(Doyle Mary Bernice) Sister Michaela

(Drouillard Clarice) Sister Mary Doreen

(Ducharme) Sister Priscille Therese

(Eckert) Sister Mary

(Elliott) Sister Gloria

(Gagnier) Sister Mary Julia

(Garbutt) Sister Adrienne

(Gauthier) Sister Delphine

(Guinan) Sister St Michael

(Hebert) Sister St Margaret

(Hogan) Sister Margaret Ann

(Janisse) Sister Andrea

(John) Sister St Maron

(Jordan) Sister Evelyn

(Kelly) Sister Florence

(Kelly) Sister Margaret

(Lanoue) Sister Marie-Paul

(Lennon) Sister Clarice

(Lewis) Sister Bernarda

MacNeill (Lucille) Sister St John

(Major) Sister St Philip

(May) Sister Cecile

(McConnell Mary) Sister St David

(McCowell) Sister St Peter

(Moore) Sister Kathleen

(Moore) Sister Phyllis

(Moore) Sister Veronica

(Myers) Sister Simone

(Nagle) Sister Angelica

(Nagle) Sister Liguori

(Parent) Sister Mary Elaine

(Pineau) Sister Mary Electa

Pinsonneault Sister Angela

(Poisson) Sister Claire Marie

(Rivard) Sister St Gilbert

(Robert) Sister Bertrand

(Rocheleau) Sister St Mark

(Rooney) Sister Mary Louise

(Rowland) Sister Helen

(Sauve) Sister Louise Marie

(Shaw Angell) Sister Mary Theresa

(Soulliere) Sister Margaret

(Tighe) Sister Brenda

(Tremblay) Sister Marie Estelle

(Trombley) Sister Matthias

(Trudell) Sister Eucharia

(Turner) Sister Mary

(Weigle) Sister Mary Hilda

(Wickenheiser) Sister Laurentia

The Ursulines in New St. Anthony's, Chapel Drive 17

Sister Alphonse (Chostkavich)

Sister Anne (McCarthy)

Sister Beata (Murray)

Sister Benedicta (Strangl)

Sister Bernadette (Maxfield)

Sister Catherine Mary (Strong)

Sister Catherine (Wekel)

Sister Cecilia (Hogan)

Sister Dominica (Dietrich)

Sister Ethelreda (Fleming)

Sister Juliana (Pook)

Sister Leona (Henke)

Sister Lucille (Chevalier)

Sister Margaret (Hanley)

Sister Margaret (Kroetsch)

Sister Margaret (Wekel)

Sister Marguerite (Neville)

Sister Marie Celine (Gagnier)

Sister Marietta (Delaney)

Sister Mary (Lynch)

Sister Mary (Ryan)

Sister Mary Adeline (Kane)

Sister Mary Ann (Walsh)

Sister Mary Carol (Agopsowicz)

Sister Mary Ethel (Barron)

Sister Mary Teresa (Egan)

Sister Perpetua (Krauss)

Sister Rosalie (Ducharme)

Sister Rosemary (Harrigan)

Sister St Hubert (Ewald)

Sister Ursula (Righetti)

Sister Veronica (Desmarteaux)

Sister Virginia (LaPorte)


(Agopsowicz) Sister Mary Carol

(Barron) Sister Mary Ethel

(Chevalier) Sister Lucille

(Chostkavich) Sister Alphonse

(Delaney) Sister Marietta

(Desmarteaux) Sister Veronica

(Dietrich) Sister Dominica

(Ducharme) Sister Rosalie

(Egan) Sister Mary Teresa

(Ewald) Sister St Hubert

(Fleming) Sister Ethelreda

(Gagnier) Sister Marie Celine

(Hanley) Sister Margaret

(Harrigan) Sister Rosemary

(Henke) Sister Leona

(Hogan) Sister Cecilia

(Kane) Sister Mary Adeline

(Krauss) Sister Perpetua

(Kroetsch) Sister Margaret

(LaPorte) Sister Virginia

(Lynch) Sister Mary

(Maxfield) Sister Bernadette

(McCarthy) Sister Anne

(Murray) Sister Beata

(Neville) Sister Marguerite

(Pook) Sister Juliana

(Righetti) Sister Ursula

(Ryan) Sister Mary

(Strangl) Sister Benedicta

(Strong) Sister Catherine Mary

(Walsh) Sister Mary Ann

(Wekel) Sister Catherine

(Wekel) Sister Margaret

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