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Alphabetical Index of

Monuments in Main Ward Named Old St Anthony's

Estimated Completion time of documentation of this ward approximately Late Fall of 2012

Some stones here were identified as being in Block O in other historical documents

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NF indicates a marker placed after the Ontario Genealogical Society transcriptions completed in the early 1980's.

E and O E

Cruxifixion Group Clergy Burials

Caruana - Father J M Charles

Doyle - Bishop - James Leonard

Gnam - Very Rev John Joseph

McGuire - Father Stanley Edward

O'Donnell - Rt Rev Monsignor

Van Der Biezen - Father Peter

Other Plots

This OTHER PLOTS area is still incomplete and will be for the forseable future. The Clergy Circle above and the Ursulines area below are both totally complete as of Jan 1 2010.

The area of Old St Anthony's Ward from back of circle drive to the creek is fully documented

A R D (? ? ?)

Ackert - Mary Ethel

Adkin - Helen Charlotte

Babel - Engelbert

Babel - Katharina

Baby - C

Baby - Edesse

Baby - Edmund

Baby - Ellen

Baby - F

Baby - Francis

Baby - Frank

Baby - Henry

Baby - James A

Baby - Janet

Baby - Josie V

Baby - S. Warren

Baby - W B

Baby - William (died 1921)

Baby - William (Died 1890)

Baby - Wm L

Bagnell - Ida B

Barnier - Edmond

Barron - No Names and or dates

Barron Osman E

Barrons - Edward

Barrons - Ellen

Barry - George T

Barry - Norah

Barry - Patrick T

Batchelor - Eugene

Batchelor - George

Batchelor - Mary L

Batchelor - Sylvia

Batchelor - Wm S

Beabel - Semon

Bechard - Alexina

Beneteau - Frances

Blake - Patrick

Blonde - Francis A

Blonde - Henry

Blonde - John James "Jim"

Blonde - Margaret A

Blonde - Margaret Marie

Blonde - Mary A

Blythe - Cora

Blythe - Ellen

Blythe - Ellen Rose

Blythe - Henry Francis

Blythe - James

Blythe - John

Blythe - Rosemary

Boabiear - Mary

Boabiear - Patrick

Bodenek - George

Bodenek - Susan

Boyes - Sarah

Boyle - Ann

Boyle - Mary A

Boyle - Matthew

Boyle - Thomas

Boyle - William

Braden Hugh

Brady - Brother

Brady - Catharine

Brady - Charlotte

Brady - Eliza

Brady - James

Brady - James

Brady - Joanna

Brady - John

Brady - John E

Brady - Margaret A

Brady - Philip

Brady - Thomas

Brady - Thomas

Brady - Walter Roy

Brennan - David

Brennan - Mary

Brennan - Thos A Brennan

Browne - R G

Buckley - Mary A

Buckley - Wm

Bushey - Julia

Bushey - Noah

Cahue - Joseph

Calmeyn (Calmeny) - Mabel Ella

Calmeyn (Calmeny) - Mary Etta

Carley - James

Carley - John

Carley Maria

Carley - Mary

Carley - Michael

Carley Owen


Carr - Betsy

Carr - James

Carroll - James

Carroll - Mary

Carroll - Margaret

Cartier - Augustus

Cartier - Claude

Cartier - Nancy

Casey - Agnes

Casey - Francis

Casey - Hanora

Casey - Hanorah

Casey - Leo

Casey - Mary

Casey - Patrick

Casey - William

Chalmers - Catherine

Chalmers - Catherine

Chalmers - John

Charron - Helen M

Charron - Two Infant Children

Chinnick - Ellen

Chinnick - William

Chrysler _ Martha

Clark - Glynn J

Clark - Marie

Clements - Ida B

Clements - Leslie

Colone - Joseph

Colone - Margaret

Colone - Mary

Como - Francois NF

Como - Phebe NF

Coughlen - Michael

Couture - Marie

Conley - Emma

Conely - Patrick

Coquillard Albert

Coquillard Rose V

Coveny - Agnes

Coveny - Aloysuis

Coveny - Edward

Coveny - Mary Ann

Coveny - Matthew

Coveny - Michael

Coveny - Agnes

Coveny - Richard

Coveny - Sarah

Cowan - Constance

Crow - Hiram

Crow - Marie

Crow - Mary

Crump - Ellen

Crump - Henry

Crump - Samuel

Crump - Unknown

Cudmore - Tommy

Curtillet John L

Curtillet Louis T

Curtillet Lucy

Curtis - Arthur

Curtis - Catharine

Curtis - Elizabeth E

Curtis - Hanora

Curtis - James Edward

Curtis - James

Curtis - John

Curtis - John

Curtis - John H

Curtis - Louisa

Curtis - Mary

Curtis - Mary Ann

Curtis - Thomas

Daley - Mary

Daley - Nora

Dalton - Albert Check other sides of stone. See Find a stone Dalton

Dalton - Alexander P

Dalton - Sophia

Dalton - Wm

Daly - Mary

Davidson - Glenda

Dawdry - Debbie NF

Dawdry - Fred NF

Dawdry - Joseph NF

Day - Ellen

Deary - Joseph

Delahunty - Patrick

Delahunty - Mary

Dellehaunty - Mary NF

Deloge - Alfred

Deloge - Ellen

Deloge - J Clinton

Deloge - Rose M

De Mars - Delima (Possibly spelled Demars - Delima)

Demarce - Olive

Demarce - Paul

Dolsen - Clara

Dolsen - Ellen

Dolsen - Isaac M

Dolsen - John M

Dolsen - Palaje

Donnovan - Ellen(See stone for possible spelling differences)

Donnovan - John (See stone for possible spelling differences)

Donovan - Ann

Donovan - Catharine

Donovan - Catherine

Donovan - Daniel

Donovan - Daniel

Donovan - Ellen (See stone for possible spelling differences)

Donovan - James

Donovan - Jeremiah

Donovan - John

Donovan - Mary

Donovan - Sarah

Donovan - Timothy

Donovan - Timothy

Donovan - Timothy Recorded on stone in one spot as Thimothy

Donovan - Wm J

Dooling - Daniel

Dooling - Joanna

Dounie - Corneilus

Dowling - Catherine

Dowling - F

Downey - Catherine

Downey - Denis

Downey - Ellen

Downey - John

Downey - Julia

Downey - Mary

Downey - Mary

Downey - Timothy

Doyle - Albert

Doyle - Anna

Doyle - Anne

Doyle - Annie M

Doyle - Bridget

Doyle - Catharine

Doyle - Catherine E

Doyle - Delphine

Doyle - Dorothy M

Doyle - Eliza This stone has the "z" backwards.

Doyle - Elizabeth

Doyle - Ellen

Doyle - Ellen

Doyle - Ignatius

Doyle - James

Doyle - James L

Doyle - John L

Doyle - Joseph

Doyle - Lana Ann

Doyle - Lawrence

Doyle - Lawrence

Doyle - Lawrence L

Doyle - Lawrence L

Doyle - Margaret

Doyle - Margaret

Doyle - Mary

Doyle - Mary

Doyle - Mary A

Doyle - Mary Ann

Doyle - Maurice

Doyle - Mary Ann

Doyle - Mary E

Doyle - Olive

Doyle - Paul

Doyle - Peter

Doyle - Peter C

Doyle - Solanus

Doyle - Theresa

Doyle - Thomas

Doyle - Thomas

Doyle - William

Drake - Francis

Drew - Edward

Drew - Eugene J

Drew - Frances

Drew - Frances M

Drew - Marguerite C

Drew - Mary E

Drew - Mary Clare

Drew - Thomas A

Drew - Thomas A

Dumas - Mary A

Dumas - Nicholas

Drew - Thomas A

Dumas - Wm A

Dunn - James P. Private Militaray

Early - Bridget

Early - Patrick

Eberts - J and V

Eberts - Joseph W

Emery - Ella

Emery - Parmilia

Fairbanks - Annie

Fairbanks - Thomas

Faubert - Alexander

Faubert - Antoine

Faubert - Henry

Faubert - Louis S

Faubert - Mary J

Faubert - Rose Ellen

Faubert - Wilford

Feenan - Charles Robert

Files - Chas E

Files - Estella A

Finsterer - Eugenie

Finsterer - J

Finsterer - Josephine

Finsterer - L

Fitzgibbons - Hanorah

Flavin - Catherine

Flavin - Michael

Foburt - Antoine

Foburt - Celine

Foburt - James

Foburt - Olive

Fordan - Margaret

Fordan - W & M

Fountain - John and Maryann

Fountain - Alexander

Fountain - Clara

Fountain - Emma

Fountain - Henrietta

Fountain - Joseph A.

Fountain - Margaret

Gallagher - Annie Laura

Gallagher - Bernard

Gallagher - Catherine

Gallagher - Edward

Gallagher - George T

Gallagher - Julian

Gallagher - Margaret

Gallagher - Mary

Gallagher - Owen

Gallagher - Sarah Ellen

Gallagher - William D

Gerber - Aggie

Gerber - Henry

Gernaey - Ellen Louise

Gernaey - Julia

Gernaey - Richard

Gernaey - Baby William

Gernay - Bridget

Gernay - Elizabeth

Gernay - Leonard

Gillier - John Joseph

Gillier - Leona Margaret

Gillier - Mary Elizabeth

Glassford - John

Glassford - Maria

Goudreau - Adelaide

Goudreau - Bertie

Goudreau - Frank

Goudreau - James E and Minnie

Graddock - Alfred E

Graddock - Celestine Cecile

Graddock - Charles J

Graddock - William

Hadley - Bessie

Haldane Elizabeth Margaret

Hallinan Christfur

Hallinan Private Francis D (Frank) Hallinan

Hallinan - Glenda

Hallinan - Ida Bella

Hallinan - Patrick J

Hallinan Robert

Hallinan - Thomas H

Haugh - Ellen

Haugh - John

Haugh - Patrick

Haverty - Mary

Haverty - Michael

Hayes - Daniel NF

Hayes - Edmund NF

Hayes - Edward NF

Hayes - Johanna NF

Hayes - Mary

Hayes - Patrick NF

Healy (Entrance stone only)

Higgins - Bella

Higgins - L

Higgins - Michael

Higgins - Richard O

Higgins - William

Higgins - William W

Hinnegan - E Margaret

Hinnegan - John Joseph Jr

Hinnegan - John Joseph Sr

Hinnegan - Marie E

Hinnegan - Mary Gail

Hinnegan - Mary Louise

Hinnegan - Richard J J

Hogan - Catherine

Hogan - James

Hogan - Margaret

Hogan - Timothy Jr

Houle - Catherine

Houle - Joseph

Howard - Bridget

Howard Elmer

Howard - Helen

Howard - Mary

Howard - Mary E

Howard - McGregor

Howard - Patrick

Howe - Sheelah M

Huckle - Shirley

Hurley - Mary

Horn - Mary Ann

Horn - Robert

Hurns - E

Hurns - Mary

Isreal - Julie

Isreal - Mathew

Jacques - Charles R

Jacques - Cicilia

Jacques - Francis

Jacques - Francis Sr

Jacques - Julie N

Jacques - Julius

Jacques - Lucy

Keegan - James

Keegan - Mary

Keller - Charles

Keller - Jacob

Keller - Joseph G

Kelly - Daniel

Kelly - Edward

Kelly - John

Kelly - Mary

Kelly - Mary

Kelly - Mary

Kelly - Mary Elizabeth

Kelly - Patrick

Kelly - Patrick

Kelly - Thomas

Kenna - Mary

Kennedy - Ann

Kennedy - Mary

Kennedy - Michael

Kennedy - Patrick

Kennedy - Patrick

Kennedy - Thos

Kenny - Marie

King - Jo-Ann

Kinna - Bridget

Kinna - David

Kinna - James

Knight - Ellen

Knight - Louis

Kohnan - Johanna

Kohnan - Peter

Kraft - John

Kraft - Mary

Labadie - Carol Ann

Lacroix - Albert L

Lacroix - Charles L

Lacroix - Elizabeth

Lacroix - Olive

Lacroix - Peter P

LaFrance - Joseph

LaFrance - Phebe

Lamb - Daniel

Lamb - James

Lamb - Judith

Lamb - Terrence

Lark - Jane

Lark - Richard

Laurin - Irene M

Laurin - Stanley

Laurin - Stanley E

Lawson - Alta

Lawson - Carol

Lawson - Hugh

Lawson - Thomas

Liddy - Bert

Liddy - Catherine

Liddy - Elizabeth

Liddy - Elizabeth

Liddy - Evelyn F

Liddy - Fred J

Liddy - Henry

Liddy - Honorah

Liddy - James A

Liddy - John

Liddy - Kathleen

Liddy - Matthew

Liddy - Patrick

Lucier - Phebe NF

Lynch - James

Lynch - Philip

Lyons - Ada S

Lyons - Antonia

Lyons - M E

Lyons - Sophia

MacDonell - Mary Ellen (Note - Spelling here of last name. Click to see notice.)

Mahoney - Andora

Mahoney Andrew

Mahoney Andrew Jf

Mahoney Catherine

Mahoney Ellen

Mahoney Julia

Mahoney Mary

Mahoney Michael

Mahoney Michael

Mahoney Nancy

Malloy - Agness A

Malloy - G and M

Marshall - Agnes May

Marshall - Samuel Huxley

Marshall - Isabel Agnes NF

Martin - Agnes

Martin - Frances

Martin - Mary E

Martin - Thomas

Martin - Thomas C

Mason - Annie

Mason - James

Mason - James



Masterson - Francis Joseph "Frank"

Masterson - Helen Charlotte

Masterson - John William (Stanley)

Masterson - Mary A

Masterson - Mary Ann

Masterson_Mary E

Masterson - Michael

Masterson - Olive Edna

Mathew - George

Matthew - Edra

McCarthy - Catharine

McCarthy - Dennis H NF

McCarthy - Johannah NF

McCarthy - Timothy NF

McCarthy - Timothy H NF

McCosher - Caroline

McCosher _ Dr

McCosker - Caroline

McCosker - Dr

McCrea - Anne

McCrea Walter

McDonald - Alexander

McDonald - Angela

McDonald - Bella

McDonald - Bernard

McDonell - Alexander P

McDonell - Angela

McDonell - Augustine C E

McDonell - Austin

McDonell - Margaret

McDonell - Mary Ellen (Note - Spelling here of last name. Click to see notice.)

McGrath - Margaret

McGrath - Patrick

McGregor - Freddie

McGregor - George

McGregor - Hector

McGregor - Leo

McGregor - Margaret

McIntyre - Treasey

McKeegan - Mary

McKeegan - Pat

McKinstry - Ellen

McKinstry - Margaret

McKinstry - Thomas

McLaughlin - Elizabeth M

McLaughlin - Margaret

McLaughlin - Michael

McLean - Catherine

McMahon - James

McNorgan - Ellen Stirling

McRae - Farquhar

McRae - Jane

McRae - Mary Jane

Mellady - John

Mellady - Sarah

Miller - J R

Miller - Leonora

Monck - Thomas

Mooney - Daniel

Mooney - Margaret

Moore - John G

Moore - Josephine

Morin - Mary A

Mount - Ella

Mount - Ellen

Mount - Harriet

Mount - Helen

Mount - John

Mount - James

Mount - Patrick

Mount - Peter

Mount - Peter

Mount - Peter

Mount - Sarah

Mugan - Margaret

Mulhern - Mary

Murphy - Ann

Murphy - Elizabeth E

Murphy - James

Murphy - Henry J

Murray - Anne

Nagle - A

Nagle - Ileene

Neff - Azora

O'Connor - James

O'Connor - Maria

O'Connor - Michael

O'Connor - Timothy

O'Connor - William

O'Flynn - Ellen

O'Flynn - Julia

O'Flynn - Margaret

O'Flynn - Patrick

OHare - Edward (Husband of Martha)

O'Hare - Edward (Husband of Margaret)

O'Hare - Margaret

OHare - Martha

OHare - Susan

O'Keefe - Angela

O'Keefe - Emma A

O'Keefe - James

O'Keefe - James A

O'Keefe - Joseph T

O'Keefe - Julia

O'Keefe - Joseph T

O'Keefe - Mary A

O'Keife - Mary Ann

O'Neil - Estella A

O'Neil - John

O'Neil - Margaret

O'Neil - Martha

O'Neil - Sarah

O'Neil - Timothy

O'Neil - Wm Ignatius

O'Rourke - Annie M

O'Rourke - Alice

O'Rourke - Clifford

O'Rourke - Harry Joseph

O'Rourke - James

O'Rourke - James Henry

O'Rourke - Margaret

O'Rourke - Martin

O'Rourke - Melba

O'Rourke - Rosa Marie

Ouellette - Alice NF

Ouellette - Anthony NF

Ouellette - Hillary M NF

Ouellette - M Amelia NF

Owens - Julia

Alice Payne

Payne - Robert

Peck - Alexander

Peck - Alex J P

Peck - Cecelia

Peck - Elizabeth NF

Peck - Frank C

Peck - Gracie

Peck - John H Peck

Peck - Pauline

Peel - Rosanna

Pelkey - James

Peltier - Alice - Mother

Peltier - Eugene

Peltier - Joseph

Peltier - Julia C

Pembroke - Cora Catherine

Pembroke - John W

Pembroke - Mary E

Pennefather - Isabella L

Pennefather - JG

Pennefather - John Going

Pennefather - Sarah

Pennefather - Sarah J

Pennefather - Sophia J

Perry - Margaret

Pierre - Ellen

Pierre - G S

Pleasence - Azora

Pleasence - Blanch A

Pleasence - Blanche Allison

Pleasence - Edward

Pleasence - Gordon

Pleasence - J

Pleasence - James S

Pleasence - John A

Pleasence - Joseph Wilfred

Pleasence - M

Pleasence - Michael S

Pleasence - Rose M

Pratt - Margaret

Pritchard - Helen M

Pritchard - Richard C

Punchard - Frances M

Punchard - William Henry

Quinn - Bridget

Quinn - George

Quinn - William

Reardon - Edward

Reardon - Margaret

Reaume - Edra J

Reaume - Edward J

Reaume - Mary Ethel

Reaume - William J

Reed - Ann

Reed - James M

Reed - William

Regan - Ellen

Regan - James

Regan - Johanna

Regan - John

Reilly - Bertha Maud

Reilly - Major J H

Reilly - Mary

Reilly - Theresa Alice

Rhodes - Edward Shane

Rhodes - Ted Wendall

Richardson | Angeline Felice

Richardson | Cassie

Richardson | Felice

Riordan - Bridget

Robert - David H

Robert Mary

Robert - Olive Edna

Robert - Rose

Robert - Stanley

Roberts - Edwin J

Roberts - Julia

Roberts - Thomas C

Roesch - Aggie

Roesch - Alois

Roesch - Eva

Roesch - Margaret

Roesch - Mary Ann

Rolke - Margaret Marie

Roser - Annie Maria

Roser - Francis W

Ryan - Charlotte V

Ryan - Edmund

Ryan - Lucy

Ryan - Nettie

Ryan - Wm

Scane - Bessie

Scane - Eben Walter

Scane - Emma M

Scane - E W

Scane - John W - M D

Scane - Margaret

Scane - Walter W

Schwemler - Eva

Schwemler - Jacob

Sebastian - Irene Margaret NF

Sebastian - John NF

Sewell - David

Sewell - Peter

Sewell - Sarah

Shea - Daniel NF

Shea - Jo-Ann NF

Sheff - Adelaide

Sibbald - James

Simmerman - Jos

Smith - Francis

Smith - George H

Smith - Margaret

Smyth - Catherine

Smyth - Catherine

Smyth - Hugh

Smyth - Thomas

Spencer - Joseph

Spencer - Nora

Stamelen - Emilie

Stamelen - J

Stamelen - John

Stamelen - M A

Stamelen - Mary L

Stephens - Francis Edward

Sterling - Jeanne Loreau

Strank - Stephen

Stringer - Gertrude

Stringer - John Ross

Stringer - Lyle

Sullivan - Dr Harry James

Sullivan Julian

Sylvers - Ann

Taff - James

Taff - Mary

Taylor - George

Taylor - Gertrude

Thibault - Florence

Tobin - Catherine

Tobin - Elranor

Tobin - Hanora

Tobin - James

Tobin - John

Tobin - Patrick

Tomkin - Patrick

Urquhart - William

Waddick - Anna

Waddick - Ann C

Waddick - Catharine

Waddick - Dennis

Waddick - Ellen

Waddick - James

Wall - Emma M

Wells - Alphonse

Wells - Anne Ida

Wells - Elizabeth Margaret

Wells - Frances Augusta

Wells - Helen A

Wells - Herbert Dalton

Wells - Maria Augusta

Wells - Mary Clara

Wells - Mary J

Wells - W. B.

Wells - Wm Benjamin

Whalan - Ann

Whalan - John

Whitesel - Mary

Wilcox - Darius A

Wilcox - Isaac D

Wilcox - Monique

Williams - Agnes B

Williams - Elizabeth

Williams - John NF

Williams - John B and Ann E I NF

Williams - John and Elenor NF

Williams - Joseph Patrick

Williams - Margaret E

Williams - Maria

Williams - R and A

Williams - Thos Senr

Williams - William Henry

Wilson - Emma

Wilson - Francis J

Wilson - James

Wilson - John

Wilson - Lorenzo

Wilson - Margaret A

Wilson - Mary A

Wilson - Robert F

Wilson - William A

Wing - Catharine

Wing - Catharine E

Wing - Ellen

Wing - Mary E

Winter - John H NF

Winter - John M

Winter - Margaret M

Woodlock - Michael

Woodlock - Sophie

Woods - Mary

Woods - Peter

Wright - Wayne

Wright - William

Yuork - Hapka

Zimmer - Blanche

Zimmer - Francis B

Zimmer - Helen F

Zimmer - Howard B

Zimmer - Jack

Zimmer - Laura

Zimmer - Paul F

Zimmer - Sebastian

Zimmer - William L

Zink - Albert J

Zink - Annie

Zink - Child

Zink - Loretto J

May - Unknown - Possibly Faubert or Foburt

Violetta - Unknown

Unknown - Possibly Alexander P Dalton

Unknown - Father

May - Unknown

Unknown - Mother


The Ursulines of the Chatham Union

Please note that text on Stone Monuments of the Ursuline Sisters is available in alphabetical order for both personal and religious names. All Ursuline graves are indexed in the Wards in which they lie.

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Click Here to see a page with all Ursuline interments to be listed together.

MOTHER M. XAVIER (YVONNE LeBIHAN) Foundress of the Ursulines of the Chatham Union

Mother Agnes Marie (Marie Azilda CHARTRAND)

Mother Joseph Marie (Marie Eulalie LEFRANCOISE)

Mother M. Fidelis (Margaret O'KEEFE)

Mother M. Joachim (Mary E. McGRATH)

Mother M. Miriam (Mary Kathleen FLYNN)

Mother M. Philomene (Martha FORRISTAL)

Mother M. St. Austin (Mary Jessie McGREGOR)

Mother M. St. Joseph (Clare Winnifred MAJOR)

Mother M. St. Patrick (Mary Elizabeth O'NEILL)

Mother M. Wilhemine (Edith M. Elizabeth FOLEY)

Mother Mary Agatha (Mildred KUHN)

Mother Mary Agnes (Louisa Mary KENT)

Mother Mary Agnes Clare (Agnes ROWLAND)

Mother Mary Alexander (Flora Mary McRAE)

Mother Mary Aloysius (Beatrice FORHAN)

Mother Mary Alphonsus (Helen JACOBS)

Mother Mary Antoinette (Catherine Agnes SCOTT)

Mother Mary Assumption (Marie Virginie CARON)

Mother Mary Augustine (Mary BRENNAN)

Mother Mary Baptist (Jane Frances O'GRADY)

Mother Mary Bernadette (Mary SMALL)

Mother Mary Bernard (Ellen McGILLIS)

Mother Mary Bernice (Ellen Matilda BYRNE)

Mother Mary Bridget (Bridget DELANEY)

Mother Mary Catharine (Martha COLEMAN)

Mother Mary Cecilia (Anastasia CHARLTON)

Mother Mary Celestine (Martha LEECH)

Mother Mary Clare (Mary GAUKLER)

Mother Mary Clotilde (Marie GERARD)

Mother Mary Conception (Mary KLINKHAMMER)

Mother Mary Constance (Louisa CAIN)

Mother Mary Elizabeth (Mary Dympna KLEINE)

Mother Mary Eulalie (Delphine Elizabeth AUBIN)

Mother Mary Euphrasia (Patricia LEECH)

Mother Mary Florence (Kathleen FALLON)

Mother Mary Francis (Mary Catherine MINDORFF)

Mother Mary Francis DeSales (Helen Mary GRAHAM)

Mother Mary Genevieve (Margaret WILLIAMS)

Mother Mary Germaine (Mildred DONOVAN)

Mother Mary Gertrude (Charlotte MONCK)

Mother Mary Hildegarde (Marie Edna O'CONNOR)

Mother Mary Ignatius (Mary Ann McDONALD)

Mother Mary Immaculate (Mary DWYER)

Mother Mary Jane Frances (Anne McCONNELL)

Mother Mary Josephine (Rose DeLima CHEVALIER)

Mother Mary Justina (Mary Josephine AUBIN)

Mother Mary Lawrence (Venderille COTE)

Mother Mary Lourdes (Emma WIDRIG)

Mother Mary Loyola (Ida STRICKLAND)

Mother Mary Martha (Anna O'HARA)

Mother Mary Of The Anunciation (Sophie RONDOT)

Mother Mary Of The Angels (Mary HOY)

Mother Mary of The Incarnation (Josephine BOUILLE`)

Mother Mary Of The Sacred Heart (Marie Louise QUENNEVILLE)

Mother Mary Mercedes (Katherine Christina TOONEY)

Mother Mary Monica (Catherine McMAHON)

Mother Mary Patricia (Emma MEEHAN)

Mother Mary Paula (Madeline Ursula WATTS)

Mother Mary Petronilla (Agnes Rose McFERRAN)

Mother Mary Presentation (Marie LAPOINTE)

Mother Mary Regina (Mary Bernadette ST. PIERRE)

Mother Mary Rita (Honora Eugenie CRUNICAN)

Mother Mary Rosary (Rose Elizabeth BOULTON)

Mother Mary Scholastica (Blanche MURPHY)

Mother Mary Stanislaus (Ellen LYNCH)

Mother Mary St. Edmund (Bernadette TRUDELLE)

Mother Mary St. Michael (Mary Beatrice MAJOR)

Mother Mary St. Paul (Sarah Jane COVENY)

Mother Mary St. Peter (Cecilia McGREGOR)

Mother Mary St. Thomas (Mary Beatrice CONNOR)

Mother Mary St. Vincent (Mary OMSTEAD)

Mother Mary Teresa (Ann McGREGOR)

Mother Mary Ursula (Ursula KELLY)

Mother Mary Veronica (Julia McLAUGHLIN)

Mother Mary Victorine (Florence FALLON)

Mother Mary Visitation (Azilda BEAUDET)

Mother Mary Winnifred (Teresa KELLY)

Mother Mary Xavier (Mary Margaret COLE)

Mother Mary Zita (Lucy MOIR)

Mother Theresa Marie (Grace Helen O'CONNOR)

Mother Ursula Marie (Cedulia BELANGER)

Sister Gertrude Marie (O'CONNOR)

Sister Ignatius Loyola (BARRON)

Sister M. Agnes Theresa (McGREGOR)

Sister M Alphonsus (HICKEY)

Sister M. Angela (DIGNAN)

Sister M. Angela (FENLON)

Sister M. Angela Clare (QUINN)

Sister M. Angeline (KELLY)

Sister M. Anita (McKEON)

Sister M. Ann Colette (McDONALD)

Sister M. Antonia (VIOLINI)

Sister M. Armella (BUNCZEK)

Sister M. Augusta (EDWARDS)

Sister M. Beatrice (PATTEN)

Sister M Berchmans (MC DONALD)

Sister M. Bernardine(DIEMER)

Sister M. Blanche (GOUDREAU)

Sister M. Bonaventure (KLINKHAMMER)

Sister M. Callista (HEENAN)

Sister M. Catherine (PHILLIPPO)

Sister M. Dolores (MacINTYRE)

Sister M. Dolorosa (BOON)

Sister M. Dorothy (Frances GEISLER)

Sister M. Fabian (GOLDHAWK)

Sister M. Frances Regis (PATTEN)

Sister M. Geraldine (ANDERSON)

Sister M. Gertrude (Anna PERRON)

Sister M. Helena (MASON)

Sister M. Immaculate Heart (KILLEN)

Sister M. Irene (MURRAY)

Sister M. Loretto (LAPORTE)

Sister M. Louise (ST. DENIS)

Sister M. Lucienne (GERARD)

Sister M. Lucy (BUTLER)

Sister M. Margaretta (HICKEY)

Sister M. Mildred (HURLEY)

Sister M. Norberta (SHEA)

Sister M. Patrick Joseph (O'LEARY)

Sister M. Sacred Heart (CHEESEMAN)

Sister M. Seraphine (Seraphine Alexine HEBERT)

Sister M St Angela (HAGAN)

Sister M. St. Anne (LACHANCE)

Sister M. St. Anna (Mary E. WALLACE)

Sister M. St. Anthony (BEZAIRE)

Sister M. ST. Gabriel (HOARD)

Sister M. St. George (HOWARD)

Sister M. St. Martin (EGAN)

Sister M. Teresa Ann (FINN)

Sister M. Theresita (LEGROULX)

Sister Margaret (BASLER)

Sister Margaret (HARRIS)

Sister Margaret (MINER)

Sister Margaret Mary (Theresa Jane DOWDLE)

Sister Margaret Mary (KILROE)

Sister Marie Du Crucifix (Marie Estelle DUVAL)

Sister Marie Eileen (BYRNE)

Sister Marina (STOCK)

Sister Mary Aloysious (Alice O'GRADY)

Sister Mary Ann (DOYLE)

Sister Maryann (Margaret HANLON)

Sister Mary Benedict (Victorine MURPHY)

Sister Mary Berchmans (Justina O'BRIEN)

Sister Mary Borgia (Margaret O'NEILL)

Sister Mary Carmel (RIDDELL)

Sister Mary Clara (HELMER)

Sister Mary Clare (Mary KILGALLIN)

Sister Mary Gerald (McCANN)

Sister Mary Helen (WELSH)

Sister Mary Janet (MacDONELL)

Sister Mary Joseph (Mary HENRY)

Sister Mary Martha (Esther DALY)

Sister Mary Michael (Marie Elizabeth BOIVIN)

Sister Mary Nativity (Adelaide CHEVALIER)

Sister Mary Rosary (Rose LAMOUREUX)

Sister Mary Rose (Mary Bridget DOYLE)

Sister Mary Rose (Aloysia KENNEDY)

Sister Mary Ruth (ROBINS)

Sister Mary Paulita (McDONELL)

Sister Mary Sheila (Katherine O'HARA)

Sister Mary Ursula (Catherine McMAHON)

Sister Mary Vincent (GILLOGLY)

Sister St. Alfred (McCONNELL)

Sister St. Dominic (QUINN)

Sister St. Leonard (McMAHON)

Sister St. Maurice (McPARLAND)

Sr. Marie De St. Augustin (Irmine BEDARD)

Sr. Marie Du Sacre Coeur (Victorine GAOUETTE)


ANDERSON Sister M. Geraldine

(AUBIN Delphine Elizabeth ) Mother Mary Eulalie

(AUBIN Mary Josephine) Mother Mary Justina

(CARON Marie Virginie) Mother Mary Assumption

BARRON Sister Ignatius Loyola

BASLER Sister Margaret

(Azilda BEAUDET) Mother Mary Visitation

(BEDARD Irmine) Sr. Marie De St. Augustin

(BELANGER Cedulia) Mother Ursula Marie

BEZAIRE Sister M. St. Anthony

(BOIVIN Marie Elizabeth) Sister Mary Michael

BOON Sister M. Dolorosa

(BOUILLE` Josephine) Mother Mary of the Incarnation

(BOULTON Rose Elizabeth) Mother Mary Rosary

(BRENNAN Mary) Mother Mary Augustine

BUNCZEK Sister M. Armella

BUTLER Sister M. Lucy

BYRNE Sister Marie Eileen

(BYRNE Ellen Matilda) Mother Mary Bernice

(CAIN Louisa) Mother Mary Constance

(CHARLTON Anastasia ) Mother Mary Cecilia

(CHARTRAND Marie Azilda) Mother Agnes Marie

CHEESEMAN Sister M. Sacred Heart

(CHEVALIER Adelaide) Sister Mary Nativity

(CHEVALIER Rose DeLima) Mother Mary Josephine

(COLE Mary Margaret) Mother Mary Xavier

(COLEMAN Martha) Mother Mary Catharine

(CONNOR Mary Beatrice) Mother Mary St. Thomas

(COTE Venderille) Mother Mary Lawrence

(COVENY Sarah Jane) Mother Mary St. Paul

(CRUNICAN Honora Eugenie) Mother Mary Rita

(DALY Esther ) Sister Mary Martha

(DELANEY Bridget) Mother Mary Bridget

DIEMER Sister M. Bernardine

DIGNAN Sister M. Angela

(DONOVAN Mildred) Mother Mary Germaine

(DOWDLE Theresa Jane) Sister Margaret Mary

DOYLE Sister Mary Ann

(DOYLE Mary Bridget) Sister Mary Rose

(DUVAL Marie Estelle) Sister Marie Du Crucifix

(DWYER Mary) Mother Mary Immaculate

EDWARDS Sister M. Augusta

EGAN Sister M. St. Martin

(FALLON Florence) Mother Mary Victorine

(FALLON Kathleen) Mother Mary Florence

FENLON Sister M. Angela

FINN Sister M. Teresa Ann

(FLYNN Mary Kathleen) Mother M. Miriam

(FOLEY Edith M. Elizabeth) Mother M. Wilhemine

(FORHAN Beatrice) Mother Mary Aloysius

(FORRISTAL Martha) Mother M. Philomene

(GAUKLER Mary) Mother Mary Clare

(GAOUETTE Victorine ) Sr. Marie Du Sacre Coeur

(GEISLER Frances) Sister M. Dorothy

GERARD Sister M. Lucienne

(GERARD Marie) Mother Mary Clotilde

GILLOGLY Sister Mary Vincent

GOLDHAWK Sister M. Fabian

GOUDREAU Sister M. Blanche

(GRAHAM Helen Mary) Mother Mary Francis DeSales

HAGAN Sister M St Anthony

(Margaret HANLON) Sister Maryann

HARRIS Sister Margaret

HEBERT (Seraphine Alexine) Sister M. Seraphine

HEENAN Sister M. Callista

HELMER Sister Mary Clara

(HENRY Mary) Sister Mary Joseph

HICKEY Sister M Alphonsus

HICKEY Sister M. Margaretta

HOARD Sister M. ST. Gabriel

HOWARD Sister M. St. George

(HOY Mary) Mother Mary Of The Angels

HURLEY Sister M. Mildred

(JACOBS Helen ) Mother Mary Alphonsus

KELLY Sister M. Angeline

(KELLY Teresa) Mother Mary Winnifred

(KELLY Ursula) Mother Mary Ursula

(KENNEDY Aloysia) Sister Mary Rose

(KENT Louisa Mary) Mother Mary Agnes

(KILGALLIN Mary) Sister Mary Clare

KILLEN Sister M. Immaculate Heart

KILROE Sister Margaret Mary

(KLEINE Mary Dympna) Mother Mary Elizabeth

KLINKHAMMER Sister M. Bonaventure

(KLINKHAMMER Mary) Mother Mary Conception

(KUHN Mildred) Mother Mary Agatha

LACHANCE Sister M. St. Anne

(LAMOUREUX Rose) Sister Mary Rosary

(LAPOINTE Marie) Mother Mary Presentation

LAPORTE Sister M. Loretto


(LEECH Martha) Mother Mary Celestine

(LEECH Patricia) Mother Mary Euphrasia

(LEFRANCOISE Marie Eulalie) Mother Joseph Marie

LEGROULX Sister M. Theresita

(LYNCH Ellen) Mother Mary Stanislaus

MacDONELL Sister Mary Janet

MacINTYRE Sister M. Dolores

(MAJOR Mary Beatrice) Mother Mary St. Michael

(MAJOR Clare Winnifred) Mother M. St. Joseph (Clare Winnifred MAJOR)

MASON Sister M. Helena

McCANN Sister Mary Gerald

McCONNELL Sister St. Alfred

(McCONNELL Anne) Mother Mary Jane Frances

Mc DONALD Sister M Berchmans

McDONALD Sister M. Ann Colette

(McDONALD Mary Ann) Mother Mary Ignatius

(McFERRAN Agnes Rose) Mother Mary Petronilla

(Ellen McGILLIS) Mother Mary Bernard

(McGRATH Mary E.) Mother M. Joachim

McGREGOR Sister M. Agnes Theresa

(McGREGOR Ann) Mother Mary Teresa

(McGREGOR Cecilia) Mother Mary St. Peter

(Mary Jessie McGREGOR) Mother M. St. Austin

McDONELL Sister Mary Paulita

(McLAUGHLIN Julia) Mother Mary Veronica

McMAHON Sister St. Leonard

(McMAHON Catherine) Mother Mary Monica

(McMAHON Catherine) Sister Mary Ursula

McPARLAND Sister St. Maurice

McKEON Sister M. Anita

(McRAE Flora Mary) Mother Mary Alexander

(MEEHAN Emma) Mother Mary Patricia

(MINDORFF Mary Catherine) Mother Mary Francis

MINER Sister Margaret

(MOIR Lucy) Mother Mary Zita

(MONCK Charlotte) Mother Mary Gertrude

(MURPHY Blanche) Mother Mary Scholastica

(MURPHY Victorine) Sister Mary Benedict

MURRAY Sister M. Irene

(Justina O'BRIEN) Sister Mary Berchmans

O'CONNOR Sister Gertrude Marie

(O'CONNOR Grace Helen) Mother Theresa Marie

(O'CONNOR Marie Edna) Mother Mary Hildegarde

(Alice O'GRADY) Sister Mary Aloysious

(O'GRADY Jane Frances) Mother Mary Baptist

(O'HARA Anna) Mother Mary Martha

(O'HARA Katherine) Sister Mary Sheila

(O'KEEFE Margaret) Mother M. Fidelis

O'LEARY Sister M. Patrick Joseph

(OMSTEAD Mary) Mother Mary St. Vincent

(O'NEILL Margaret) Sister Mary Borgia

(O'NEILL Mary Elizabeth) Mother M. St. Patrick

(Anna PERRON) Sister M. Gertrude

PATTEN Sister M. Beatrice

PATTEN Sister M. Frances Regis

PHILLIPPO Sister M. Catherine

(QUENNEVILLE Marie Louise) Mother Mary Of The Sacred Heart

QUINN Sister M. Angela Clare

QUINN Sister St. Dominic

RIDDELL Sister Mary Carmel

ROBINS Sister Mary Ruth

(RONDOT Sophie) Mother Mary Of The Anunciation

(ROWLAND Agnes) Mother Mary Agnes Clare

(SCOTT Catherine Agnes) Mother Mary Antoinette

SHEA Sister M. Norberta

(SMALL Mary) Mother Mary Bernadette

ST. DENIS Sister M. Louise

(ST. PIERRE Mary Bernadette ) Mother Mary Regina

STOCK Sister Marina

(STRICKLAND Ida) Mother Mary Loyola

(TOONEY Katherine Christina) Mother Mary Mercedes (Katherine Christina TOONEY)

(TRUDELLE Bernadette) Mother Mary St. Edmund

VIOLINI Sister M. Antonia

(Mary E. WALLACE) Sister M. St. Anne

(WATTS Madeline Ursula) Mother Mary Paula

WELSH Sister Mary Helen

(WIDRIG Emma) Mother Mary Lourdes

(WILLIAMS Margaret) Mother Mary Genevieve

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